Friday, March 27, 2015

Cars-Themed Easter Basket

When I was a kid, Easter was all about frilly floral dresses, lots of chocolate, stuffed bunnies, and, of course, egg hunts. Other than the egg hunt (this will be E's 1st time!), none of that really appeals to a two year old boy. Well, except maybe the chocolate, but Ez turns into the tazmanian devil on crack when he eats chocolate, so he's getting different treats this year. And instead of plush bunnies, he's getting cars, cause a boy can never have too many cars. I actually went with a car theme for Ez's 1st Easter basket too, but you know what they say - if it ain't broke...

After conferring with the Easter Bunny, this is what we decided Ez would like most:
- mini race cars
- Planes ball
- Lightning McQueen sugar cookie
- wooden red vintage truck
- Planes activity pack
- egg-shaped crayons
- peeps
- Bunny Tales touch and feel board book (for a touch of Easter tradition)

Bonus points for half of these items coming from dollar bins (Toys R Us, Michaels, and Target). And instead of a traditional basket the Easter Bunny has decided a sports-themed metal pail will get more use year-round, either for outdoor nature hunts, or indoor toy-storage. 

We started a new tradition this year and took Ez to meet the Easter Bunny. You can see for yourself how well that turned out: 

No tears, just a frozen look of terror and discreet inching toward the end of the bench. Even the bunny doesn't look that happy. Still, I'll consider that a step in the right direction. If you remember, Ez has a giant-rodent phobia:

Sorry Ez - the Bunny leaves treats, you've gotta make nice!

What's on your kid's Easter wishlist this year? Anyone else's kids spaz out on chocolate?


  1. This is so inspired! I know so many of my little cousins would kill for that easter basket!

  2. This is super cute!! My daughter just got the Lightning McQueen stuffed animal from Kohl's yesterday with her grandma so she is starting to get really into Cars!

  3. So cute. I'm totally stealing your idea for my nephew next year :-)

  4. Sooo cute hahah
    What boy doesn't love cars! Such a classic :)

  5. Perfect boy basket! Love the lacing cars. I might look into something like that for Elin. Also, love that bunny pic!

  6. hahah I made the executive decision to forgo the bunny this year. Santa was fun enough for me I think I need until next Christmas to recover just so we can see him again.

  7. Yesterday I was browsing Target and came upon dresses and it brought back memories of shopping with my mom and sister every year for the perfect Easter dress! Now here I am shopping for my own for Easter. And though it isn’t a frilly dress, its fun nonetheless. I love this themed basket you created. I am thinking about creating a Disney themed bucket for Mason. Disneyworld in May is a surprise for him, but I think I can do it without giving anything away.C Cute Easter bunny pic!!

  8. Aw so cute! I love the pics! Maybe one day I'll have a boy so I can put together a cars themed basket. I love cars!

  9. LOVE the Easter basket, wicked fun :)

  10. Whoop whoop for dollar bins! :) Looks like you gut a lot of great stuff in there, he'll love it! And I think it's really normal for young kids to find giant character creepy because, well, they are. ;)