Monday, March 2, 2015

23 Week Bump Update - Baby #2

It feels like overnight I suddenly got big. Like can't bend over, no room for my internal organs big. So I guess that means the fun part of pregnancy is coming to an end, and things will be getting increasingly uncomfortable from here on out. This probably also marks a shift from "I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by" to "there's still four more months to go??!" 

Other than suddenly feeling huge, and these allergies that just won't quit, a little bit of nesting has kicked in this week. Well, if scouring Pinterest for shared boy room ideas counts as nesting. Nothing has actually been accomplished, but at least ideas are formulating. And we looked at strollers last time we were at Target. Anyone have experience or opinions on the Graco Room2Grow double stroller? I'm a fan of the size, and all the different combos for standing/sitting. We definitely don't want a side by side stroller, that looks too unruly to me, but any other double stroller recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 

Best moment of the week was definitely an adults-only night out at a dinner theater. Joe's mom got us the tickets for Christmas and we saw The Producers. It was hilarious and the whole production was so well done. Plus the food was amazing. Joe and I could not stop talking about it afterward.

Next up I'm looking forward to a roadtrip Ez and I will be taking to visit my family, followed by a weekend trip to San Francisco. Mini donuts on the pier?? Yes please!

In honor of hitting the 5 month mark, here's a little collage of the bump so far:

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  1. "It feels like overnight I suddenly got big." I remember that feeling! Isn't it weird how that happens? I love all of your bump pics, I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy!

  2. The dinner theater sounds like a great time out!

    1. It really was so much fun! I'd never been to anything like it before and now I want to go again.

  3. Cute baby bump! I am 3 weeks away from due date, and I absolutely understand what you mean about the suddenly becoming uncomfortable. It is really like from one day to the next. But so worth it!!

  4. Your bump is coming in nicely! Glad you had a good time and got a night off.

  5. Yay for an adult only night! Love that you and Ez are taking a road trip together!

  6. Adult nights are always needed and rarely happen. So glad you were able to do that! Can't go wrong with The Producers!!

  7. oh yeah that is a bump!! Wasn't a fan of the not being able to bend over bit, or sit on the floor bit. How do you play with a kiddo if sitting on the floor makes you want to cry?!

  8. You've got the cutest bump!