Monday, March 30, 2015

#BoyMOMS Box Swap

When Elizabeth and Stephanie contacted me about a blogger swap just for boy moms, I was all in. It's always great to get some new ideas on how to entertain a somewhat fickle, always on the go toddler. I was paired up with Paula, mom of 18 month old Jacob, and even though our boys are a few months apart in age they have very similar interests - aka anything they can throw and anything that goes is a sure win. I'm sure Ez and Jacob would be best of friends if they lived closer, playing catch and trains all day long. Be sure to check out Paula's instagram and blog to see what Ez and I picked out for them.

Paula and Jacob got us tons of cute goodies, but before we could get to the good stuff Ez had to take a few moments to play with the packing materials. It's possible he would've been content with a box full of bubble wrap. #Itsthelittlethings. Once we got to the actual contents of the box we were both loving the Disney theme, or "Mimo" as Ez calls Mickey. We just bought Ez a Cars potty, so the big boy Mickey underwear is both adorable and perfect timing. And I've been seriously craving some sugar cookies - so you totally read my mind with the Mickey cookie cutters/cookie baking supplies, Paula. Also, it's a little obscured in the pictures, but there are some Ghirardelli chocolates hiding in that pile, and we all know chocolate is the way to my heart. 

The standout star of the box was definitely the wooden Mickey matching and sorting game. The little wooden chips come in their own plastic container and Ez immediately got to work dumping them out then putting them back in one by one then shaking the jar up. I have to admit, it does make a satisfying jangle sound. He also enjoyed hitting the chips with his new Doc McStuffins bubble wand. Boys will be boys. 

Thanks so much Paula and Jacob! We can't wait to bake some Easter/Mickey cookies :)

Ez was super excited to dig right in
Ooooh! Bubble wrap!
Ezz bee-lined for this Mickey game
All my pictures of the Mickey game are being photobombed by tiny little hands.

Here's a full list of our goodies:
- Sugar cookie mix + cookie icing + Mickey cookie cutters
- Ghirardelli Caramels
- Mickey matching & sorting game
-Mickey activity coloring book + stickers
- Mickey undies
- Doc McStuffins giant bubble wand

Thanks again, Paula! And a huge thanks to Elizabeth and Stephanie for organizing and hosting this swap. Ez and I loved being a part of it! Be sure to head on over to Chasin' Mason and Wife Mommy Me to check out all the other boy activities everyone put together.


  1. Such fun goodies!!! Looks like a fun exchange!

  2. So fun! I love all of the Mickey things....I may have to steal a few ideas for Cam! ;)

  3. Awesome swap box!! I love that she did a Mickey theme - how clever! And sugar cookies and icing? Yes please!!

  4. Awesome goodies! Looks like he enjoyed it too!
    xo, Christina

  5. Cute stuff! The Disney stuff is definitely perfect for you guys, she did a great job. :) And how fun to have cookies to bake together!

  6. Omg Micky theme so so cute!!!! We just received our box too and I have to blog it asap!! All of my photos are the exact same, little hands in every picture heheh

  7. Oh wow, I would LOVE to be a part of this swap someday. I have a six-month-old little boy, and he's got a big personality coming!

  8. ahh cute stuff. I'm digging the mickey head chips!!!

  9. Mickey Mouse everything!! Mia would die! You scored with some great items! What a fun, fun swap for all the little boys!!