Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Goodbye February

I know we're already well into March, but February was a pretty eventful month over here, so I wanted to do a little recap of some of some of my favorite moments - both big and small - that I want to remember.

1. We moved again! We're all settled in now and loving the new place.
2. We did lots of Valentine's crafting and Ez participated in his first Valentine card exchange - such a fun experience for both of us!
3. Not to be left out, I also participated in a Valentine blogger gift exchange and got lots of goodies from Alexis, a total sweetie over at A Blissful Haven.
4 & 5. Joe & I had a romantic Valentine's dinner out while Ez had a date with the grandparents. Ez also went to his very 1st Valentine's party that morning, where smashing his face into a cupcake was undoubtedly the highlight of his day.
6. This baby bump grew and grew (and grew!) and I shared a few of my go-to maternity outfits.
7. We found out we're having a boy! Yay for more cars and trains and all things that go!
8. We spent lots of time outdoors, enjoying our non-winter, and I took way too many cute shots of this lil photogenic guy.
9. We got out for our first hike of the year - which is also the first hike of this pregnancy. 
10. Lots of tickle fights and giggles from my two silly boys. Can't get enough of them and their shenanigans.
11. Ez isn't officially two yet, but I'd say the terrible twos have officially entered the premises. #reasonsmysoniscrying
12 & 13. We had a fun, spontaneous weekend trip to San Diego and the zoo, where Ez put all his animal sounds to good use.
14. And speaking of our trip, I talked a little about the misadventures of traveling with a toddler.
15. Lots and lots of snuggles throughout this pregnancy. I'd say that's my #1 favorite pastime. 
16. Ez and I capped off the month with a Disneyland date. We're already looking forward to our next one - especially since I spied churro ice cream sandwiches on the way out. There is absolutely gonna be one of those in my very near future!

Here's looking forward to springtime, Easter, and hopefully warmer weather for all my non-California friends and family. Wishing warmth and sunshine your way!


  1. It sounds like February clicked right along for your family! Congratulations on the new baby coming, I hope you are feeling well. :)

  2. Yay! Congratulations on having another little boy! And I love blogger swaps, they are so much fun!

  3. Congratulations on your baby boy!! I have three boys myself (24, 20 & 4) yes, huge age gap I know (two girls as well 18 & 8). Boys are so much fun! Sounds like I need to be on the lookout for those Churro ice cream sandwiches next time we are at Disneyworld, they sound yummy!

  4. I can't believe it is already March! Looks like February was a busy month for yall!

  5. Little boys are so much fun and just how much do they love a good animal sound?! I think mastering animal sounds is my proudest accomplishment as a mama! HA! Happy March!

  6. February sounded like a great month for you! So jealous you're so close to Disney and have passes. I'd love that. But we're no where near either one haha.

  7. Such a fun recap idea! I should do one monthly to look back upon. Definitely can't believe it is March already!

  8. yeah two isn't my most fave year yet. It is funny that Aria literally waited until the day she turned two to turn pissy. Today was off the charts, plus no nap. So wine. It was needed. Good luck with that all knocked up...chocolate is a good substitution! Just stop whining!!!
    Good recap, I'm glad I actually recall all but one of the things on your list - I thought I was super behind everywhere.

  9. Loved this recap since I'm way behing -- although I knew more of it than I realized! Oh that first hike looks so fun! Oh toddlers -- man the early 2s was rought but by about 2.5 things got much better. I'm looking forward to 3 now!

  10. I can't believe you got so much done in February!!! That's what a half year looks like for me :-)