Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our First Week As a Family of Three

First things first, we had to give Ezra the tour of the house, and especially his room, which we put so much effort into. I couldn't resist putting Ezzy in his giant bucket of stuffed animals. I'm pretty sure there are a few photos of my younger brothers back when they were babies nestled into a giant pack of stuffed animals too. Neither Ezzy nor my brothers seemed to mind it though. 

Joe had the first week of Ezra's life off of work, and during that week our life mostly consisted of staying inside, wearing pjs, and staring at Ezzy while he sleeps. We can't get enough of him. He makes the most intense expressions while he's sleeping. He'll go from a devious smile to concerned raised eyebrows, to pouting, to almost crying, then back to peacefully asleep all within a minute. We keep wondering what deep, serious thoughts are going through his mind. Maybe he's remembering the  labor? That probably wasn't fun for him either. Or maybe he's thinking about how comfy he used to be tucked away in my uterus?


Aww, all my boys cuddling on the couch <3
When we weren't busy staring at Ezzy, or having Breaking Bad marathons, we did manage to get out into society a few times. Ezzy's first excursions were around our neighborhood. Sometimes he loves being in his stroller, taking in the sights and sounds and fresh air. Sometimes the stroller puts him to sleep. And sometimes he screams bloody murder and we have to take him out and carry him. He's an unpredictable boy.

The first Friday after we were home we packed the family up for a trip to the farmer's market. This was our first time at this particular farmer's market, and we all loved it. Well, Ezzy slept for most of it, but he didn't seem to mind it. Until we got in the car to come home. Then he screamed every time we were stopped at a red light. Longest 3 mile car ride EVER.

Ezzy also made his first trip to the grocery store and Starbucks before he was a week old. He was awake for those trips, and happy so long as daddy made sure to rock his carseat as we were walking around. It was quite the workout for Joe. I doubt I'll be able to keep him entertained that way when we make solo trips to the store in the future. 

Can't get enough of these guys
I'm so glad Joe took the first week off. He's been amazing at changing most of the diapers and soothing Ezzy when he's fussy. He's taken on every task except for feedings, and I'm sure he'd do those too if he could. He also pampers me and brings me pillows, water, blankets, and the ipad while I'm nursing. He is the best dad/partner and Ezzy and I are so lucky.

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