Friday, July 12, 2013

Ezzy's First Hikes

This past week we took Ezzy hiking not once, but twice! He loves it. Usually he falls right asleep when he's in his carrier, but both times he stayed up for the entire hike up the mountain. He was looking around all wide-eyed and taking in the fresh air. Our first hike we went back to Roy Rogers Park, near Santa Monica. It's a fairly easy loop with a really nice view on clear days. The last time we went here, I was 7 month's pregnant. This time, Joe got the fun task of carrying Ezzy around.  

After the hike, we got some delicious salads from one of our fave spots, Greens Up:

Our second hike was new to both of us. We went to Griffith Park and hiked up to the Observatory. Joe had read a Yelp review that said it was an easy hike with a steady incline. I'm pretty sure that's an oxymoron. Steady incline? Yes. Easy? No way. There were some gorgeous views though, and it wasn't too long, so I would probably do it again. 

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