Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer Livin'

This summer has been a season of BIG fun. Disneyland, camping, kid-free getaways, beaches, birthdays, and so many great adventures it's hard to imagine how we crammed it all into a few short months. But we've also been enjoying all the little things that summer has to offer too. Sprinklers and bubbles, splashing in all the water we come across, trains and garbage trucks, naps and snuggles, new playgrounds, and, best of all, long days spent with the ones we love. 

Heading into August we're enjoying a more laid back approach, without any big plans, which means lots of pool days, backyard evenings, story times, and family walks. Here's a little glimpse of our day to day life as we do our best to stay cool and soak up these last few summertime weeks. 

What's on your family's agenda this summer? Any big vacation plans or is back to school already on the horizon? 

1 comment:

  1. You guys are doing summer right! I love all of the adventures you guys have found and you have the cutest pictures to document those times! We are trying to soak up every last drop of summer before school starts.