Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Belly Pics: Weeks 7 - 10

We started taking belly pics at week 7 (I'm a lil over 10 weeks right now), but I haven't posted them because I don't see much of a difference. I actually think my stomach looks smaller this week than week 9, but my weight is the same. I've gained about 1.5 lbs since I found out I'm pregnant (but was already up 5lbs from my normal weight because of the surgery in May and not being able to work out for 2 months). I like to pretend all the weight has gone to my boobs (which may actually be true). I also have a belly pooch leftover from the surgery. I'm not sure if it's from scarring on the inside, or from them cutting through my muscles, but it makes me look more pregnant than I actually am.

In 3 weeks Joni went from blueberry-sized to prune-sized, pretty amazing, huh?

Total Weight Gain:Up 1.5 lbs in the last 2 and a half months.
Maternity Clothes: Nope, but we've browsed at some maternity stores, and I've looked at plenty of Pinterest "Pregnancy Style" pics. I have a feeling I'll wear lots of dresses with leggings during the Winter, cause I've pretty much lived in dresses all Summer.
Symptoms: We were just talking about this yesterday! Since week 6 I haven't felt sick at all. Every now and then I'm tired, but I don't think that would surprise anyone who knows me - I've always loved sleep. Also, my boobs are bigger - I've already had to buy 2 larger bras and I just keep rotating through them. I also bought granny panties and they're soooo comfy!
Best Moment of the Week:Visiting the Queen Mary and Ghost Harbor! So much fun, I love holiday stuff. I was definitely a target in the mazes, and Joseph pretty much just laughed through the whole thing (but he did promise to protect Joni before we went in - too cute!) Also, we told my aunt and cousins bout Joni & the new house on Thursday over dinner. They already knew we had news, so they were taking bets on if we were: A) Pregnant B) Bought a House or C) Were Getting Married. They were right on 2 out of 3, not bad!
What We're Reading & Watching this Week: I'm still only 25% through Anna Karenina on my kindle. It was in the free library, and at this rate I will probably continue reading it for the rest of this pregnancy. I'm also caught up to week 10 of What to Expect When You're Expecting. We've got a week til Sons of Anarchy comes back on Netflix, so we've watched a few movies instead: Looper, Training Day, & Dial M for Murder in honor of Halloween.
Food Cravings: Last week I wanted fish sticks, which I ate with butternut squash macaroni - it was the perfect comfort food meal (with veggies snuck in!). Also had some sweets cravings last week: candy corn (ate a small bag in 2 days) & donuts (co-worker brought some in on friday and I had 1) & circus cookies - just bought some this weekend. Also got a craving for apples yesterday, so I bought a big bag and have one for a snack today, plus I'm planning on making baked apples for dessert tonight.
What I Miss: Kinda missed alcohol this past week - everyone was drinking margaritas at Mexico Cafe on Thursday, plus lots of beer around us at the Queen Mary.
Happy or Moody? Happy! I was much more moody in the beginning, but I feel normal now.
Movement: None yet.
Looking Forward to: More Halloween stuff! We may do the Griffith Park haunted hay ride & my friend has a pumpkin carving party on the 26th. I'm already trying to figure out what dessert to make for the party...

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  1. How cute love the pix! I likes dresses when I was preggo too!