Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weekend Recap: Allergies, Moving, & Exploring

That squirrel looks how I feel. Too bad I can't flop down on my belly anymore or I'd join him.

Spring Fever got to us last week, and we thought we'd spend our lunch break wandering around the park near our work. We saw these crazy ninja squirrels doing flips and somersaults and side kicks at the base of a tree not too far from us. The weird thing was that they would act like little psychopaths in that one specific spot, then run away and act like a completely normal squirrel again. Then a different, seemingly normal squirrel would run up to that same spot and suddenly turn into a psycho ninja. The squirrels are kinda small, but you can still see their psychoticness for yourself in the following videos:

Looking back, those squirrels were probably warning us about the dangers of the park. Almost immediately after our walk my eyes were itching and watering uncontrollably and Joe was all congested and claimed he was dying. Our Happiest Baby on the Block Class was a haze. We went home and spent an exciting evening doing saltwater nasal rinses, which are a ton of fun, if you've never tried it. I felt much better afterward. Joe felt less congested, but he had flu symptoms as well, and a nasal rinse has limited healing abilities.

The next three days (and counting) went by in a flurry of boxes. Saturday was all the big stuff (couch, bed, appliances, dresser, treadmill...). Sunday was all of our food and kitchen essentials, plus most of my closet. We also got to make an unnecessary trip between the new and old place when I realized I'd left the keys to the new place at the old place. Fun. Now we're down to packing and moving the small, seemingly useless stuff, that we should probably just throw away but want to sort through first.

The old apartment - a total mess
The new place - also a total mess
Sunday evening we took a little break from the packing chaos and went to explore our new neighborhood. There's a path that begins at the end of our street and circles around a lake. We walked about halfway around before I was exhausted and we turned back. We did get several bird photos along the way though:
Ducks flying in a V formation
Birds of several feathers flocking together (in the last bit of sunshine)

We got back home, unpacked a little more, ate some fried Mexican food, and then crashed on the couch to watch Almost Famous. Highlights of our productive, though not very exciting, weekend:
- Getting all of our clothing in one place
- Having a nearly functioning kitchen at the new place
- Discovering you can make eggs on the George Foreman grill, which is standing in as my stove until the gas company hooks up our oven
- Letting James explore the outdoors for the first time in months (more on that later)
- Buying a $40 book shelf from Goodwill (I already have a renovation project in mind)
- Setting up our wifi

Slowly but surely it's starting to feel like home.

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