Monday, May 23, 2016

Disney Birthday Week, Days 2 & 3

On Day 2 Ez got his first birthday treat of the week, a Mickey shaped beignet with a candle and a giant glob of whip cream. Last year he was not at all a fan of blowing out candles. He didn't really understand the concept and they seemed to scare him a little. This year he knew exactly what to do and LOVED it. It took a few tries but he blew the candle out all on his own. 

All through lunch Ez was demanding to go see the Disney Cars, so that's where we went as soon as we were done eating. Grampa and I decided watching the cars drive by was the perfect time for a little happy hour, so we sat there with our beer and margarita relaxing in the shade while Ez raced his own toy cars every time the real cars drove by. Win/win for everyone involved.

Afterward it was pretty warm so we went to the kid's water area in Bugs Land. At first Declan wanted absolutely nothing to do with the water. He loves bath time but he's not a fan of getting his hair wet, so every time the drops hit his head he'd do this deep heaving sob and run over to bury his face in my leg. But then he saw Ez get right in the water, laughing and having a great time, so he had to get in there too, right next to brother, and after that they both had the best time.

After many other rounds of kids had come and gone and my kids were still in there, teeth chattering, we decided to drag them away, get them changed, and take a ride on Flik's Flyers. That's one of Ez's favorite rides, but Declan merely tolerated it with a very serious expression the entire time. 

My brother arrived afterwards, and he and I did the single rider line for Cars ride.  Then I left the kiddos with the grandparents and went to downtown Disney for drinks with friends. I hadn't seen them since we moved in August so it was really nice to catch up, and meet my friend's adorable baby boy. We even managed to catch the fireworks from in front of the Lego store.

The next day we ate breakfast at the Mexican restaurant in Frontier Land and then my brother and I hit a bunch of rides while my parents took Ez and Declan to meet the Winnie the Pooh characters, a yearly tradition, followed by, what else? More Disney Cars, of course. My brother and I did Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, California Screamin', Tower of Terror, Soaring Over California, and Splash Mountain, where I sat in the front and got completely soaked. 

After that we met back up with everyone else so the grandparents could ride some rides while I took the kids to the Bugs Land water area. This time Declan was immediately enthralled with the water and spent a long time trying to catch the water that kept mysteriously slipping right through his fingers. He was cracking everyone in the area up because he was so determined and frustrated by the water he just couldn't catch. Once again we stayed till their teeth were chattering and then the grandparents took over again so I could go meetup with Joe who had to drive down separately because of work. 

We grabbed dinner together and then collected our sleeping kiddos from the grandparents and called it a night. 

Coming up next is Ez's actual birthday (Friday the 13th!) followed by his birthday brunch on Saturday. Thanks for following along, and if you're curious you can find Day 1 here


  1. I saw the pin ;) How cute are those water pictures?!

  2. So nice when little brothers have big brothers to teach them the fun of water play time!! And definitely awesome when you can off the kids with the grandparents for some big kid rides =)

  3. The perfect way to spend a birthday! Everyone looked like they were having a blast!