Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mother's Day in Santa Cruz

With all our Disney adventures and other life happenings, blogging took a backseat for awhile, but I didn't want Mother's Day to slip through the cracks. We started the day with my favorite breakfast: donuts, followed by exploring Santa Cruz. I hadn't been there for many many years, and Joe, Ez, and Declan had never been there. We ate fried food on the boardwalk and then walked down to a little inlet away from the ocean that was nice and calm and shallow. There were sea lions across the way, and plenty of seashells for collecting and tossing into the water. Ez was in heaven. He kept running up to the water's edge then running away screaming while fake falling. Lately he's been in a phase where he loves to roll around in the dirt and dig holes, which reminds me a lot of a puppy. The longer I do this boy mom thing the more I realize that there are a lot of puppy parallels. I mean that in the nicest way, of course ;) Declan, on the other hand, was very conflicted on whether or not he liked the water. Anytime he got the least bit wet he'd scream bloody murder, so we'd carry him away from the water. But then he'd promptly crawl right back to the water and repeat the whole cycle. Apparently he loves to hate the ocean? He also loves to hate eating sand. Silly boy.


  1. What an awesome day!!!! Fried food and the boardwalk?! Sign me up!

  2. just like puppies =) Aria digs in the dirt daily. She calls it gardening though. I hate getting dirty, but I've finally perfected my removal of dirt underneath nails technique.