Monday, April 10, 2017

Home Tour: Playroom

We've been living in our new place for just over two months now and as you can see below Ez and Declan wasted no time making the place their own. Even though we've been settled for a few months the novelty still hasn't worn off for any of us. We LOVE it here, both the house and Sacramento. A few perks of our new house compared to our last place: 1) more space 2) a backyard. How we ever lived without a yard before I'll never know but to say the boys are happy with these new developments is a complete understatement. It's the perfect fit for wildly energetic boys. 

Luckily for the boys almost all the extra space has gone toward their play room. I'm pretty sure this room should be a formal dining/sitting area, but we don't have an extra dining table or couch. What we do have is a Radiator Springs table, a plastic basketball hoop, and lots and lots of toys. Voila, room furnished! ;)

Despite the lack of furnishings this is one of our favorite rooms in the house. We like to gather here in the evenings to play chase, bury each other under a mountain of stuffed animals, shoot hoops, and wrestle (though that's more of a daddy & sons game). Pretty much anything to get rid of that pre-bedtime energy.

Last year I gave a little play room organization tour, and this year I have finally gotten on board with toy rotation. Pretty much every time Ez and Declan ransack the room I go through afterward and pick out whatever toys are left in the baskets and make them "disappear". My theory is that these are the picked over toys that aren't currently holding their interest. Does anyone else feel like you're constantly losing the toy clutter battle? I'd love to hear if you rotate toys and how often you do it. I haven't gotten around to actually rotating toys back in yet, so far I'm still trying to find that sweet spot of enough toys to entertain them but not so much that it's overwhelming for them to clean their own messes. Any genius toy-decluttering hacks would be much appreciated! 

PS - If you want to see what this room looks like 99% of the time go ahead scroll all the way to the bottom.

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  1. I know we've talked toy rotation before lol but I still havent mastered it yet either. Im about to go hard though and throw everything out! Im done! Thats being dramatic, what I need to do is go through and store big toys in bins and just put them away.

  2. That's a nice big space for it! I think we will do some toy rotation. I thought that I'd just keep out whatever fit and box up the excess, but everything seems to have a place so now I am not sure what to take away lol. I like that the rule is all toys need to be back on the rug. That's been working well so far and I really don't care if it looks like chaos.