Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Easter Basket Ideas

The boys and I LOVE Easter. Ez is obsessed with all things eggs which means we dove headfirst into egg hunts and egg decorating pretty much the moment the rainy season let up. Putting together their Easter baskets is one of my favorite things and I've been collecting little bits here and there for the past month to fill up their baskets.

The past few years I've done themed baskets for Ez (cars, cars, and dinos), but this year I decided to just go traditional, or, if there is a theme I guess you could call it Spring. Ez's favorite pastime is playing in the dirt so he's getting his very own set of gardening tools. Declan's favorite thing will most likely be the bunny bubble wands I found in the Target dollar spot. I've had my eye on Jellycat bunnies for a few years now, they're just so cute and soft and cuddly. Unfortunately cute and soft are qualities that my boys couldn't care less about. Their main use for stuffed animals is to pile them all in a giant bucket and dump them out on each other. Still that soft woodland bunny is finding its way to Declan's basket anyway, to appease me if nothing else.

Just for fun, or if you're looking for some extra inspiration, here's a little look back at Easter baskets past:
Little Blue Truck basket details
Disney Cars basket details
lamb basket details
dino basket details

duck and goose basket details
What's going in your kids' baskets this year? Anyone else basically buy out the Target Dollar Spot? There were so many cute Easter and gardening gifts I had a hard time narrowing it down to just what would fit in their baskets.


  1. These are all amazing ideas! I love putting together Easter Baskets for kids. It's so much fun!

  2. I went nuts last year when Target Dollar spot had all the kid gardening tools! This year, Im pretty much winging it because Easter snuck up on me.

  3. Love the jellycat! Aria got one one year for Easter. She sleeps with it as her special bed animal. She is limited in amount. Bunny, pluto, cookie the cat, pegasus the ... flying horse, and a new mermaid she got when we moved as a surprise!
    I've got a bag of target dollar spot goodies waiting for Easter =) Link still needs a basket. I've taken to calling him Linky-dink. Think he will mind that in high school??

  4. These are all awesome!! We love Little Blue Truck and I wish the author would come out with more books. We have all she's written so far.