Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy 4 Ez!!

And just like that the sweet little serious-faced baby who made me a mama is now FOUR. 

The mama waterworks started about a week before his actual birthday as we were packing for our Disney trip and I got to thinking about why we were going on this trip (because he's turning FOUR <sob>), and how little he was last year as a tiny three year old who couldn't even ride big boy rides, and that Disney doesn't even consider him a kid anymore (at least not a free one). So many Ez's have passed before my eyes these last four years, and I've loved each one with my whole heart only to wake up one day and realize he's a little bit bigger and more mature and that smaller, babyish Ez doesn't exist anymore. 

Bittersweet. That sums up motherhood.

I wish I could bottle up each phase and keep them all on a shelf for when I need some newborn snuggles or a good old-fashioned toddler dance party, but since I can't I try my best to record it all here because I don't want to forget any of those little things that I love so much.

Each new, slightly older Ez brings so many sweet new things to love. A few things have remained the same over the years. His love of all things cars. The snuggles that he gives with his whole body and heart. His keen empathy and instinct to cheer us all up. His love of learning. But this year Ez's imagination and communication have really soared to new heights. He's at that stage where he says the funniest things and cracks us up daily. In many ways it's the most fun age yet. 

Currently Ez's favorite things include hours spent digging in dirt, counting down the days until the garbage truck arrives, tackling his brother for no good reason, watching youtube videos of garbage trucks, roughhousing with his daddy, running circles through the house, and snuggling with his momma. 

He can count to about 40, loves telling us what color everything is, will spot any and every garbage can within a two mile radius, prefers the swings to anything else at the playground, and does his best to gather the whole family altogether in one room as often as he can. He'll repeat anything he hears, and so far (knock on wood) he hasn't repeated anything terrible yet. He did shout across a crowded restaurant, "Nina! Over here!" and it was so disorienting to hear him call me by my real name. 

Ez hates goodbyes and whenever anyone leaves he immediately starts asking when they'll be back and often gets a little teary-eyed. He will ask the same question over and over and over again if he doesn't get the answer he wants. Sharing toys is not one of his strengths. Hungry Ez is a completely different beast and whenever he has a meltdown of epic proportions that usually means he needs a snack, STAT. 

To my dear, sweet 4 year old Ez,
Each year I'm prouder and prouder of the boy you're becoming. Kind, inquisitive, smart, caring, playful, intelligent, and the all around best snuggler in the world. I hope you know that you can do anything you set your mind to, you can be exactly who you want to be, and the world will be a better place for it. I can't wait to see what this next year brings my not so baby boy. We love you to the moon and back!


  1. Happy birthday to your big boy with the cutest dmples ever!! Such a sweetie with all his little quirks.

  2. Happy birthday EZ! I hope it was one of the best ever. What a sweet boy to get so sappy about goodbyes! I love that.