Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our Weekend: River, Roses, and Bubbles

This weekend was somewhere between spring and early summer. Everything is blooming and lovely but the sun is also making his presence known. It makes me want to do all the outdoor things before it gets HOT. 

We kicked off the weekend with donuts from our new favorite donut bakery (gimme all the fruity pebbles donuts) followed by a trip to the Sacramento Historic Cemetery which happens to have a lovely rose garden this time of year. For some reason Ez knelt down like he was paying his respects at a tombstone so I went to look at the name. It had one word: Mother. So sad/creepy. Then Declan took a liking to a pair of tombstones, which just so happened to say....you guessed it - Mother and Father. Of all the ones they could have taken a liking to, they chose those three. Creepy

After enjoying all the gorgeous, fragrant flowers we headed to a nearby Food Truck Festival but we were too stuffed after the donuts to actually eat anything. We just wandered around taking it all in and Ez had a grand time pointing out every trash can we passed by. Not joking. That is seriously one of his favorite pastimes. Every day is basically a garbage can scavenger hunt. Then he got it in his head that the garbage truck would be coming, perhaps because of the quantity of trash cans out, and explaining that wasn't the case burst his little bubble pretty badly. That was our cue to head home for naps before our next outing. 

There's a river walkway near our house and we finally got around to checking it out for some boat watching and rock throwing on Saturday afternoon. Declan nearly yanked my arm out of its socket trying to leap into the river each time he threw a rock, and about 33,549 rocks later we dragged them away for some playground fun before heading home muddy, sweaty, and exhausted. 

Sunday was farmer's market day where Joe beelines to the asian pears stand and breathes a sigh of relief every time he sees they're still in season. Ten pounds of pears and a couple bouquets of flowers later we headed across the street to a craft fair where I got a few cute cards and knick knacks and we played corn hole. Then it was on to the playground to run off some energy before lunch time. 

We had a fun little treat that afternoon when Gangy and Grampa stopped by for some bubbles and garbage truck fun. After lots of running and giggling the boys fell asleep and we ended the weekend on a quiet, peaceful note, which is pretty much the best way to end any weekend. Until that evening anyway, when both boys were wide awake wayyyyy past bedtime. Every nap time has a price ;)

Hope you all had a lovely sun-filled weekend as well!!

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  1. those donuts and those flowers... such a pretty weekend!!