Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Happy 2 Declan!

I know the usual thing to say is that these past two years flew by, but to be honest Declan has been acting like a three year old since he was one, so part of me is like, "he's only two??" and the rest of me feels like he's been here forever. Seriously, what did I ever do with my time before I was removing Declan from things he's climbed on, cleaning up things he's broken, and mopping up the water he loves to pour on the table? Your guess is as good as mine.

To my dear little Decky,
You have a reputation for being more handfuls than I have hands. Our life was bland and boring before you came along and spiced it up. Whenever we go out you like to pick a new family to adopt and try to go home with them. Anytime we leave the bathroom doors open we can be sure to find you splashing in the toilet and obliterating all the toilet paper. You're a climber and a daredevil and no puddle of water is too small for you to stop and splash in. You give the sloppiest, wettest kisses and I absolutely live for them. They always arrive out of nowhere, which makes them all the more special. Every once in a blue moon you actually sit down for a snuggle and because I know how brief and fleeting those moments are I soak them right up. At night you're my snuggly little koala bear, cuddling right up to my arm and not letting go. I'm going to be so sad when we move you to your own bed (very, very soon). If I've learned one thing from you, it's that anytime and anywhere is a good time for a dance party. I hope you never, ever forget that. You're independent, practically self sufficient, and extremely passionate about your likes (and dislikes). You're a little performer, complete with dancing, singing, and dramatic hand gestures. Sleeping is serious business and God help anyone who wakes you (which I can totally relate to). Picky eater doesn't even begin to describe you - yet you'll happily lick an anthill, a door handle, and every single germy piece of playground equipment - you little weirdo! You're fairly quiet and go with the flow but every now and then you turn into a chatterbox and crack us all up. You're methodical, precise, determined, and observant and I know one day you'll go far and you'll do and be exactly what you want to be. We're already so proud of you baby boy, and we love you more than you'll ever know.

  • Dancing (check out the video below for 2 years worth of Declan dances)
  • Family time
  • Water - in any and all forms
  • BUBBLES!!!
  • Trains (or choo choos, as they're properly called)
  • Mickey Mouse, Monsters Inc, Nemo, & Cars
  • Disneyland
  • Basketball
  • Monster Trucks
  • Capes and super heroes
  • Books
  • Climbing
  • Graham crackers
  • Wrestling with your brother
  • Being woken up
  • Pretty much any and all food


  1. Happy TWO! It's funny how they seem to have been here forever and yet at the same time how are they so old???

  2. He is looking so grown all of a sudden! Did he have a major growth spurt?! Happy 2nd Birthday, Declan!