Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Father's Day Weekend: SF Getaway

Summer is definitely here, my friends. We're smack dab in the middle of a week long 105 degree or higher heat wave. Yayyy us... Obviously we decided to get the ef out of here and head to the coast where it was only supposed to be in the low 70s. Key word: supposed to be. It turned out to be about 90 degrees there too, but still almost 20 degrees cooler so definitely worth it. 

One thing I love about San Francisco is that no two trips are ever exactly alike. We can easily spend a whole day exploring Golden Gate Park, paddling a boat around the lake, playing at the playground, and enjoying the gardens. We've had many fun trips to the zoo, walked halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge, and of course we like to eat our way along the wharf - so many good food choices, not nearly enough stomach space. 

For Father's Day weekend we stayed right in the middle of Mission District, so right near all the best shopping. We kicked off our trip with some trolley sighting (highlight of the trip for Ez) and retail therapy, took a brief hotel room break, then wandered over to the city hall, the MLK Jr. memorial (highlight of the trip for Declan), and our home away from home: Target. The next day was all about the wharf before packing up and heading home, with a quick pit stop at Berkeley for old time's sake. We covered a LOT of ground in two days (18.3 miles to be exact) and we pretty much all dropped on the couch in exhaustion when we got home. Definitely a weekend well spent. 

How are you all surviving this heat?? 


  1. Oh wonmderful that you're so close to san fran!!! Love it!!

  2. How fun! Did the kids walk the whole time, or did you have a stroller too? That's a lot of walking! Looks like a fantastic weekend away!