Thursday, September 15, 2016

SF Zoo with Auntie

We were lucky enough to have my sister as a guest for the past week. The boys and I got lots of quality bonding time and auntie got to change her first poopie diaper. Win/win for everyone ;)

We decided to spend a gloomy day at the zoo and it wound up being perfect because all the animals were out and about. The hippo put on quite a show for us, playing outside of the water for a bit before splashing back in and showing off his giant teeth. All the flamingos had eggs, which was really cool to see. Declan got super excited about the ostrich and kept yelling and pointing excitedly as the ostrich came right up to the fence, apparently equally curious about this screaming little being. Ez seemed to like the gorillas best, even calling his brother over and saying, "Look Deckles! It's gorillas!" 

After we visited all the animals we stopped by the playground and stayed until closing time. We had to drag Ez away and he and Declan immediately fell asleep for the entire car ride home. 

Between the two of us we got tons of photos, but the really amazing close up shots are all my sister's. I can't get over the quality of that bald eagle photo. Such a majestic bird.


  1. I love how you can go to the zoo in long clothing pieces. It's so very foreign right now. Makes me want to go to the Denver Zoo on a chilly day!

  2. So now that youve been to both SF and Oakland, which Zoo do you like more? Still havent gone yet lol.

  3. GREAT pictures! What a neat zoo. I think we need to plan a zoo trip when it cools off.