Monday, September 19, 2016

Robinson Family Reunion

The last time all four of my sisters and I were in the same place at the same time was fifteen years ago. FIFTEEN years!!! Obviously this was a big occasion. So big that I had it commemorated with these cool keychains because who knows how long it will be till it happens again? This was also the first time my dad and stepmom met Declan, and my first time meeting all of my sisters' boyfriends, so a pretty momentous occasion all around.

The wedding was not a good time for in depth socializing for me, because they had Joe and I on a pretty strict schedule, so we made sure to cram in as many family get togethers as possible before and after the wedding. There was the rehearsal dinner, followed by a sleepover, an after wedding brunch, a Robinson family barbecue, and a sisters (+ Timm & Eric) wine tasting trip to Sonoma.

All that family time was good for my soul and I'm so happy Ez and Declan got a chance to spend some quality time with their long distance aunties and grandparents. Lifelong memories were made, many (many, many) photos were taken, lots of wine and champagne was drank, and it all went by much too fast, as good times tend to do. I'm so happy to see that all my sisters are in a good place in all areas of their lives. We've seen each other through highs and lows but I think this is the first time we've all been in a good place at the same time. Maybe that's a sign we're getting old? 

I'm already counting down the days till our next reunion. Perhaps for another wedding?? ;)


  1. It was long overdue and Im so happy you had a wonderful time!!! Nothing beats family!

  2. 5 girls. So you guys are practically Pride and Prejudice! Funny about all being in good places so you must be getting old =) Sounds like a good deal to me. I'm glad you got to all get together for the wedding! Family time can be so fun. I have a really big extended family in Ohio and I always loved going up for visits and being surrounded by 45 billion people that I had no idea who were but were in some way related to me.

  3. Those keychains are awesome!! 15 years is a long time. I am so glad you all were reunited for this event! Isn’t it amazing how family time just fills your soul and your love tank? I love it. Great pictures. I know you will cherish these and the memories for a long time!

  4. Fun times!!I'm curious, which wineries did you go to?