Thursday, September 29, 2016

6 Fall Outfits

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Fall is my favorite season to shop. I want all the cozy sweaters. Men's sweaters are my fave, because they tend to be less flimsy than women's. Nevermind that I already have way too many sweaters that sit in containers under my bed for 75% of the year, I still want more. This year I'm really making an effort to stick with what I already own, and I'm only replacing classic pieces that are either worn down or no longer fit well. I have so many forgotten items that have been sitting unworn for years - mostly because I've either been pregnant or postpartum for the past four years, so a lot of my favorites just didn't fit. I've made a pact that whatever seasonal items don't get worn this fall/winter are getting donated. I went in search of some outfit inspiration based around items that I already own: scarves, cardigans, sweaters, boots, maxi skirts, and, of course, my trusty denim jacket. I'm hoping this will help get me out of my style rut to branch out from the 10% of my closet that I wear on repeat. 

What are your fall fashion staples? Any other sweater hoarders out there?



  2. I will take them all! Fall clothes are my favorites. Now, if we could just get some fall like weather here in Texas that would be great.

  3. Completely agree with you in that this season is the most fun to dress for! Great outfits, I pretty much own everything or at least something similar to the pieces you shared (though that doesnt mean I wont buy new things ;)

  4. Fall is my favorite, I'm loving that cream poncho outfit, so cute. Okay who are we kidding, everything you picked out is so awesome for Fall, one of everything!