Monday, July 3, 2017

Declan's Birthday Weekend in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Declan is TWO!! And in true second child fashion he didn't get a giant birthday party, or a Disney trip like a certain four year old, instead he got a lake weekend getaway with just the four of us. I know it sounds like he got jipped, but there was water to splash in and that's pretty much his favorite thing in the whole world. Bonus points that he got Mack (from the movie Cars) and his day was made. 

We went to Lake Almanor, a new to us spot right next to Lassen Volcanic National Park. These pictures can't do justice to just how beautiful it was. We swam in the lake with bald eagles soaring overhead. We had an impromptu snowball fight while we were hiking near a secluded mountain stream. We saw hot springs, gorgeous sunsets, and several deer. The boys woke up excited to go swimming each morning and went to sleep exhausted at night. It was the perfect summer getaway and the perfect way to celebrate our little two year old.

We love you Decks!

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