Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Birthday to Us!

Joe and I celebrated our birthdays last week (Thursday & Tuesday respectively) and we made sure to fit in plenty of celebrating. And cake, of course. In fact we did so much celebrating that Ez has started to assume cake and blowing out candles are just normal everyday life. He's gonna be pretty disappointed when it's back to our boring old non-birthday routine this week.

The weekend before my birthday Grandma Kat came to visit and gave Joe and I a date night out to see Wonder Woman. Such a great movie and the perfect way to kickstart our birthday festivities. I also got to take a full 24 hours off from mom duties and was completely spoiled by my mom with massages and dinner. I took advantage of my solo time to visit a few of my favorite places: Target, Ulta, and Barnes & Noble and had brunch with my besties. It was blissful and rejuvenating and pretty much the perfect gift for any and every mom. We spent my actual birthday at the State Fair eating fried food, drinking beer, winning cheap stuffed animal prizes, and just generally enjoying the sights. We'll save those photos for another day though.

On Joe's birthday we surprised him with balloons and a homemade card, washed his car, and picked up lunch from his favorite place. Since Joe is much better about sticking to his diet than me we made sure to stick a candle in his birthday...chicken. Yep, he's weird ;) 

The real fun came this past weekend with a kid free trip to Reno and Tahoe. That trip deserves its own post, but we had so much fun and somehow managed to squeeze a week's worth of activities into two days and still come back feeling rested and relaxed. 

That officially brings a wrap to birthday season around here (May - July). Whew! What a whirlwind it's been. From Ez's 4th Disney birthday to Declan's lake weekend getaway we've been celebrating nonstop and I'm not complaining one bit. It's gonna be hard to settle back into ordinary life, but we still have a few fun tricks up our sleeve this summer.

Huge thanks to Gangy, Grampa, the uncles, and Grandma Kat for watching the kiddos and spoiling us so much. We love you!

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