Monday, December 10, 2012

Our 1st Christmas Tree Together

This past Friday we decided to get our Christmas tree, along with all the necessary decorations (we were starting from scratch) and spend the night decorating. Originally I envisioned a little 3-foot tree, but it turns out those cost as much as the 5-footers, so here's what we ended up with:

Apparently this is a popular size, because everyone bypassed the giant trees and bee-lined to the corner in the far back where one lonely, crooked 5-foot tree had been cast off. Luckily they had a few more small trees that were just waiting to be unpacked, so everyone got what they were looking for. The guy working on the lot even said he tried to hurry as fast as possible because he didn't want to disturb our romantic evening. Aww, how sweet. Then he carried ours and another guy's trees to the front chanting: "Leftie, lovers, Rightie, loner." Luckily, the other guy was a good sport.

Got 'er set up and ready to decorate!

Time for the Lights

Our First Ornament: a Hummingbird from Anthropologie
Turns out the $5 pack of ornaments we bought from Target required a bit of manual labor. We had to tie the strings onto each ornament. I think Joe made it through one (probably more like half of one) before he was ready to return them all. So I became the ornament assembler and he was the tree decorator:

The Hummingbird's Reappearance

Finishing Touch
Ta Da!

And here's a random James pic, just because:
Spoiled Kitty - He Require a Pillow & Blanket to Sleep

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