Monday, December 31, 2012

22 Weeks Bump Update

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! We already got lots of cute baby clothes and stuff, so I'll be posting pics of those later this week. I was so busy visiting with friends and family I didn't get a chance to do a 21st week picture and update. I think I grew a lot over Christmas (probably not a coincidence with a diet of Christmas cookies and chocolate).

Total Weight Gain: About 15 lbs. That was after a few days of sugar cookies for breakfast.  
Maternity Clothes: I bought another pair of maternity jeans, which I'm wearing for the first time right now. And I had to buy a bigger coat cause none of my old ones would button. I got a cute non-maternity pea coat on sale at Macy's, which I think will fit me for all of winter. I also got lots of cute sweaters with room to grow in for Christmas. Thanks Mom!
Best Moment of the Week: Christmas with family and friends was so much fun. We had dinner with Joe's mom before I left, and while I was in Modesto my schedule was jam-packed with fun family and friend dates.
What We're Reading & Watching this Week: I finally saw Bad Santa and we watched Chaplin last night - both are very good. I really want to watch Chaplin's Dictator now.
Food Cravings: Fruity Pebbles, Christmas Cookies, and Taco Bell have been high on the list.
Exercise: I've been pretty good about getting at least 10,000 steps in, sometimes 15,000.
What I Miss: A glass of wine with friends would be nice.
Happy or Moody? Happy.
Movement: Yep! I think Joseph will be able to feel him soon too.
Looking Forward to: 2013! Our baby will be born this year :)

15 to 22 Week Bump Comparison

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