Friday, January 4, 2013

Ezra's Christmas Loot

Before we get too far into the New Year, I wanted to share some of the Christmas goodies Ezra got. Also, I am officially unveiling our name choice. Now that most of the family and friends have been informed, it's safe to put on the blog that we've chosen Ezra for his name, which means Helper.

From Top: PJs from Great Grandma, Blankets from Nette, Ezra's first Cell Phone from Grandma Hopkins, Onesies from Aunt Vicky, & Star Wars Onesies from Grandma Rotelli (to match Daddy's shirts)
Adorable Monkey/Sports Outfits from Grandma Hopkins
The Start of Ezra's Disney Collection from Grandma Rotelli (and I'm actually really excited to watch Brave for the first time!)
Our First Manual to Figure Out this Whole Parenting Thing (from Grandma Rotelli)
And unfortunately I don't have photos of some of our other lovely gifts, including adorable puppy onesies from Luana and Logan, as well as a baby memory book from Aunt Daniela.

Joe's also gotten into the baby-shopping spirit:
Aw, Ezra's Got Style. And Only $0.47 from Old Navy, woohoo!

Too Cute! Joe Picked This Out From Target: My Mom is Cooler Than Your Mom with Track Pants that Match Daddy's. Plus, Ezra's First Receiving Blankets (Target Was Having a Major Baby Clearance!)

And, finally, we have Ezra's first pair of shoes. Joe was already practicing his Daddy picture mode, so we have an entire series of photos for these shoes:

This is the First Pic Where I Realized How HUGE My Belly Is!

Ezra's Shoes in a Calming Setting

Ezra's Shoes with Mommy's Reindeer Slippers

Aww! (Notice the Vast Collection of Workout DVDs Which I'll Be Using Again Once Ezra's Here)

Herbert the Hummingbird Wearing Ezra's Shoes
Thanks to everyone for all the love towards Ezra on his pre-Christmas. It's so sweet how excited everyone already is about Ezra's arrival. And now that 2013 is here, it feels like his arrival is right around the corner and there's still so much to plan and buy. Luana (Joe's cousin) was trying to subtly ask about our nursery colors, but after Joe and I gave blank stares and non-committal answers, she had to be more direct and ask what colors we'd prefer a baby quilt in. That got me thinking about nursery ideas, so I've been doing a little research today and I'll post some inspiration photos I've come across in one of next week's blogs.

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