Friday, January 25, 2013

Hospital Tour

This week we toured the maternity wing at the San Gabriel Valley Medical Center and I was really happy with a lot of the things we learned during the orientation. For one thing, breast feeding is becoming a big deal in hospitals, so there are new regulations that will soon be in place that don't allow nurses to give formula, bottles, or pacifiers to newborns unless medically necessary or with the mother's consent. SGVMC is among the first batch of hospitals adopting these regulations, and along with the no bottle/pacifier thing, they also do skin on skin time for the first hour after the baby's born. And they promote keeping the baby in your room with you at all times, unless you want a break. Another nice thing is that almost all patients get their own room, unless there are more than twenty-two moms recovering at once, and they encourage the dad or a family member to stay with you overnight.

A few other nice things about the place:

1) Free cake:

2) You get one room for labor and delivery (unless you need a C section). There's a shower with a chair for pain relief (not pictured). And the rooms are HUGE:
TV & DVD player

This doesn't really do justice to how huge the room is

Plenty of seating options

3) We actually heard a baby's first cries after being born. Apparently the mom gave birth without an epidural, but luckily we didn't hear her at all.

4) The lady giving the tour was really nice and straight forward and will be also be the teacher for our birthing classes in March.

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