Tuesday, January 22, 2013

25 Week Bump Update

25 Week Pregnancy Update
Total Weight Gain: My lips are sealed.
Maternity Clothes: I got a bathing suit for Kauai this week - it's a non-maternity tank with bikini bottoms.
Symptoms: My stomach is still itchy and my back gets a little achy, but overall things are good.
Best Moment of the Week: Joe and I took advantage of the high 70/low 80 degree temperatures over the weekend and went to Solvang and Santa Barbara. Solvang is a pregnant woman's dream: lots of buttery, sugary pastries in every size & flavor imaginable. I'm still sugared out. We also celebrated Martin Luther King day with a lunch date and game day with Joe's family. 
What We're Reading & Watching this Week: We saw Jack Reacher for date night, and we've started watching Weeds (from Season 1).
Food Cravings: This past week I hit up Taco Bell a few times and definitely got my fill of pastries: half a crumbs cupcake, cheese danish, aebleskivers, and brownies. I also had a falafel craving on Saturday, which we satisfied at Spitz (along with street cart fries and fried pita strips). Soooo delicious!
Exercise: I did a little strength training last week, and averaged over 10,000 steps each day thanks to a few days in the 14,000 - 15,000 range.
What I Miss: Getting off the couch without help.
Happy or Moody? Happy :)
Movement: Ezzy gets territorial when his space is invaded - he kicked Joseph in the head a few times when he tried resting his head on my stomach.
Looking Forward to: The Kauai countdown has begun! Only 9 work days to go. Also, we are touring the maternity wing of one of our hospital choices tonight. Should be interesting.

Last March (2012) I went to Solvang on a work trip with a co-worker, so I dug up the old picture of me in the same photo booth as above for comparison:
March 2012 vs. January 2013 - A Lot Has Changed!
And, just for fun, here's a nice silhouette picture Joe took during sunset at Santa Barbara beach:
25 Weeks Pregnant in Santa Barbara

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