Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weekend Recap: Solvang & Santa Barbara

A few weeks ago the weather was in the 40s, and suddenly we're enjoying 80 degree weather in January, so we decided to take advantage of it and head to Solvang and Santa Barbara for the day. The drive there was absolutely gorgeous:

Our first order of business was breakfast. Solvang is known for their aebleskivers, which I've never tried before, so we sampled a combo platter with french toast, a danish pancake (not sure what makes it different than an ordinary pancake - maybe larger and thinner??), and an aebleskiver, all covered in a mound of powdered sugar:
Aebleskiver in Solvang
And, while we're on the topic of food, you really can't leave Solvang without at least one Danish pastry:
You Can't Go Wrong with the Danish Mill Bakery

Too Many Delicious Options

We Finally Settled on a Pecan Roll (for Joe) and a Raspberry Cheese Danish (for me)
Once our bellies were satisfied we did some sightseeing.
Danish Royal Lineage

And of course, we did a little shopping. Although the only place we actually bought anything from was the Humane Society Thrift shop, where I bought two purses (including the red quilted one below - approximately $100 new and I paid just $15!) and Joe got a pair of Nike gym shorts for $1.50.

Happy With my New Purse
Next stop: Santa Barbara. We got there in time to do a little window shopping, eat again (Chipotle veggie burrito for Joe, vegetarian taco salad for me) and then enjoy the sunset from the pier.
The Animals We Encountered Along the Way

Santa Barbara Water Taxi at Sunset

The Pelicans Put on Quite a Show for Us - Dive Bombing for Food Right in Front of the Pier

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