Monday, January 14, 2013

24 Weeks Bump Update

24 Weeks Pregnant

For some reason all the pictures we took this week came out yellowish.

Total Weight Gain: I'm officially not telling anymore.
Maternity Clothes: Most of my tops and leggings are still my normal clothes, but maternity jeans are a must. I also tried on maternity swimsuits at Motherhood, and I'll probably purchase one from Target this week.
Symptoms: My stomach is still itching like crazy, and I'm still getting some acid reflux. Overall I feel really good though.
Best Moment of the Week: Joe and I had a double date with Serena and Cleo on Thursday, which was a lot of fun. Also, I booked our baby-moon to Kauai for February 3rd! Other than that we've been spending a lot of evenings cuddled under a blanket watching Sons of Anarchy, which is the perfect way to spend these cold nights, if you ask me.
What We're Reading & Watching this Week: We just finished Sons of Anarchy, season 4. The finale was a little disappointing, but everyone says the Season 5 premier is shocking, so I'm excited for that to come out on NetFlix.
Food Cravings: Mexican food has been high on the list. We had pupusas for lunch last week, which were delicious, then I had fish tacos at El Torito on Saturday, and a breakfast burrito on Sunday. (This could be a contributing factor to no longer wanting to share my weight with the world.)
Exercise: I actually did some strength training last week, and averaged over 10,000 steps each day, AND I even went to a Zumba class. Planning on hitting up the gym tonight too.
What I Miss: My old clothes.
Happy or Moody? Happy :)
Movement: Yep, he's getting more active in there. Joseph felt a few more times this week.
Looking Forward to: Kauai in three weeks!! I want to watch Jurassic Park before we go (it was filmed on Kauai).

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