Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodbye January, Ezzy Pics, & My Kauai Wishlist

Goodbye January!

Ezzy at 26 weeks

This week we had our last appointment with "the good doctor" - aka, the specialist with the good ultrasound machine. For once, Ezzy wasn't shy about showing off his face, so we got a few 3D shots at different angles. Doctor says he looks like Dad. It's hard for me to tell, but it looks like Ezzy is singing in the top pic, and that's definitely a Dad trait.

In other exciting news, only three days to go til Kauai! Here's a list of things I'd like to do while there, though this may change once we're actually there.

1) The Beach (obviously) - I'd like to visit as many beaches as possible while there.

2) Hiking - preferably somewhere where I can see a waterfall. Though it will probably be a slow hike, because I get winded just walking from my car to my apartment.

3) Hopefully we'll see some rainbows! (Double rainbows would be even better):

4) I'd like to hit up a local Farmer's Market and Hanelei is supposed to have a good one:

5)  Limahuli Gardens and Preserve looks gorgeous based on the photos I've seen. I'd like to check it out with my own eyes:

6) Snorkeling would be fun. We want an underwater camera so we can take cool pics like this:

7) I'm sure we'll see plenty of beach sunsets, and I can't wait:

8) Food! Some desserts I want to try:
Coconut Cake - for you mom!

Malasadas - Basically Sugary Donut Holes

Fried Ice Cream
The odds of me blogging while there are slim to none (probably closer to none), so I'll be back with TONS of pics in a week and a half.

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