Friday, February 1, 2013

Date Night & February's Goal

For Thursday's Date Night we got a Bloomspot deal for an Italian restaurant in West Hollywood: Marco's Trattoria. The indoor seating was limited - they only had a few two-seat tables, and two large party tables. When we got there the place was empty, but by the time we were being served dinner, only outdoor seating was available. Joe got mushroom lasagna with a pink sauce, which was delicious (I sampled it too). I got lobster ravioli with a lobster sauce - sooooo good! There were big chunks of lobster in the sauce and I devoured the whole thing. Dessert was cannoli, which neither of us had tried before. While I'm sure it was good as far as cannolis go, I don't think either of us is eager to try cannolis again. The filling was very rich, and the crispy pastry didn't do it for me - not that that stopped us from eating the whole thing.

February's Goal: Eat Salad

This week has been eh, as far as eating my veggies goes. I remember the days when I used to eat at least one salad per day. So since this is a brand new month, I figured it's the perfect time to set a new goal: one salad as a meal per day for all of February. I put together a little inspiration collage of some of my favorite salads, as well as salads that I pinned to a Salad board on Pinterest and have been meaning to try.

(From Top, Left to Right): Crab Cake Salad from Sesame Grill; Beet, Lentil, Goat Cheese Salad from Cafe Med; Citrus Kale Salad, Grilled Peach & Mozzarella Salad; Summer Berry & Cottage Cheese Salad; Inside Out Chinese Spring Roll Salad; Vegetarian Cobb Salad; Vegetarian Taco Salad, Falafel Salad.

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