Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spontaneous Date Night: Clippers vs. Bobcats

After yesterday's house-hunting blog the day took a turn for the better. First, we got some really good news: our application was accepted at one of the places we looked at! Trying to plan a nursery and buy stuff for the baby is hard when you don't know where you'll be living in a month, so that was a HUGE relief. Before we made a final decision we did some research on the crime in the area, and we decided it's perfect for us. There was almost no crime other than a bicycle theft. We compared that with where we currently live and there were several car burglaries in the last week alone. That's not too surprising, since my car got broken into while parked on the street last summer, but it definitely made us happy to be moving out of there asap.

Check out the new place:
Some things we're excited about at the new place:
1) It's a house, not an apartment - so no sharing walls/ceilings/floors.
2) It has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms, which is mandatory for us.
3) The kitchen is huge! Both of us can actually be in there at the same time. There's even room for a table in the kitchen, and we can still walk around.
4) Hardwood floors - no carpet at all. I think that makes cleaning so much easier (especially since we don't own a vacuum).
5) There's a nice walking path that circles a lake right down the street. We haven't actually seen it yet, but plan to check it out this weekend.
6) More space. We aren't exactly sure on the square footage, but it seems several hundred feet bigger than our soon-to-be old place. Now we have the new, welcome issue of finding furniture to fill up all that empty space. I see some thrift store/swap meet/garage sales in our future.
7) We won't need to use the freeways to get to work. And Joe can come visit us on lunch during my maternity leave.

As if having the house issue settled wasn't enough good news, the night got even better. Joe found really cheap tickets to the Clippers vs. Bobcats game that evening. We likely only have a few more months to take advantage of being able to do spontaneous date nights, so we nixed our original plans of gym and Dance Moms. After work we met with our new landlord and paid our deposit, then we headed straight to the Staples Center. Dinner was some typical game food: pizza & popcorn (zebra popcorn, to be precise - probably the most delicious popcorn ever). And then we watched the Clippers beat the Bobcats. Exciting! Watching an actual game as opposed to one on TV is so different. The time flew by, whereas I always feel like they take forever on TV. The crowd is so entertaining. The girl next to me was nearly hysterical every time #32 (as she called him) made a shot. Then there were all the kids dancing and hamming it up for the cameras. Ezzy felt like he was getting in on the fun too, dancing around on my bladder for most of the first half.


Earlier I was reading this blog about how planning dates gets so much harder after marriage, so I'm very thankful for all the fun activities Joe thinks up all on his own. That's how he earned his own special word: Joemance :)

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