Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend Recap: Double Date & Outlet Shopping

Aww, cute couples at Lucille's BBQ
For our Thursday night date night we met up with Serena and Cleo at Lucille's BBQ, which was both fun and sad because Serena was flying back to Maine the next morning. That means the next time I see her she'll be able to hold Ezzy. It still seems surreal that he'll be here so soon.

Dinner at Lemonade

Friday night was supposed to be dinner and errands, but I was soooo sleepy and it was cold outside, so it turned into just dinner. And that turned out to be a good thing, because there was absolutely no parking on our street so we would have had to lug fifty Target bags about half a mile to our apartment. Dinner was at Lemonade in Pasadena and I got a kumquat kale salad, white bean soup, rye bread, and roasted carrots. Joe had the white truffle macaroni, mushroom couscous, soba noodles, and broccoli pasta. Yum!

Oh yeah, and how could I forget Friday's lunch:

This was our second time eating at El Salvadoreno and it is soooo good! They have three vegetarian pupusas: loroco, bean and cheese, and squash and cheese. All three are delicious. Just looking at these makes me want to go back.

Saturday we had lunch with Joe's mom and started our baby registry at Target. My head is still swimming with baby stuff. There are so many options it's hard to narrow down what we actually need/want. We also hit up the Glendale farmer's market where we couldn't pass up this purple kale:

That night it turned into a kale citrus salad, which was so good Joe actually went back for seconds. I used this citrus dressing, substituting grapefruit juice for the lime juice. I let the kale marinate for at least at hour before serving and it was still crisp.

Kale Citrus Salad with Grapefruit Dressing
Sunday we had an itch to shop, so we skipped the gym and decided to get our steps in at the Camarillo Outlets. I walked over 13,000 steps and was tired by the time we were done. Of course, I had to replenish with (what else??) Mexican food!
We each got breakfast burritos. Joe's is pictured here because his had all the fixings and was more interesting to photograph. Mine was just beans, cheese, and egg. Dessert was Cinnabitz from one of the three Wetzel's pretzels we passed along the way. The smell was too good to pass up!

Ezzy made out better than any of us on our shopping excursion, thanks to the Carter outlet.
Clothes from Carters and Blankets on Clearance at Target

Tough Guy Outfit & Daddy's Big Guy Set of 5 Onesies
Sunglasses - More of a Prop for Kauai Photos than Intended for Actual Baby-Use

Mommy & Me Giraffe Blanket on Clearance at Target - Too Cute & Soft to Resist!

Ezzy's Gym Shorts Collection is Starting to Rival Daddy's

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