Friday, March 4, 2016

Toddler Easter Crafts - a Pinterest Roundup

Ez really likes crafting but I usually forget about it until a holiday rolls around. Then I realize I've been slacking and binge on Pinterest-inspired ideas, most of which are way too complex for me, let alone a toddler. So after many a late night nursing session spent scrolling through ideas by moms way more creative than me, here are a few of my favorites that seem doable for an almost three year old. I'm most excited to try the bunny and carrot footprints, using Ez's foot for the bunny and Declan's for the carrot, but if I'm being honest here footprint crafts are way more complicated when there are two sets of feet involved. Declan likes to curl his toes and slide his little painted foot all over the floor, and Ez isn't a huge fan of getting paint on his foot in the first place. So if those fail, we'll move on to the fingerprint bunny and chicks, which are so cute we may do them regardless. The other artwork would be perfect to hang on Ez's playroom window. 


  1. Aria loves having her feet painted, just keep doing it! That toe scrunch thing was definitely unhelpful haha.

  2. Oh so cute!!! I am hoping Mason will be interested in some Easter crafts!!