Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rainy Days

We've been getting all kinds of rain lately, which I love. I just want to curl up with a book and a blanket and read the day away. But of course I can't do that because Ez and Declan go insane and start running/crawling in circles and trying to beat each other up so after several days of rain we decided we weren't gonna let that stop us from going to the park. 

At first Ez was walking really slow, like he was trying to avoid the rain drops, but as soon as he found his first puddle he perked right up. Declan kept sticking his tongue out, trying to eat the rain. At one point he was trying to eat the rain out of his stroller tray like a little puppy dog. 

After lots of stomping and kicking the ball around Ez decided it was his turn to push the stroller. He is definitely entering the "I can do everything myself" phase, which is mostly cute and occasionally super frustrating (and messy). He pushed Declan straight into the dirt and I thought for sure he would need help getting out, but nope! He figured it out, even though he couldn't see over or around the stroller. I was pretty impressed. Then he started pushing the stroller in circles because the front wheels were turned while poor Declan stared helplessly behind him. Of course I caught it all on video before I stepped in and saved Declan. 


  1. Ahh.....little boys and rain puddles. They are just attracted to them! Elin loves them as well. Must be that age!

  2. i just love the yellow rain jacket and the pic of the rain eating!!! Ez is so slow pushing...maybe because it is occupied. Whenever Aria 'helps' push her stroller it is like running.

  3. Its a sign of old age when it makes you dizzy watching a stroller go round in circles, yeesh ;) I love your "I think thats enough" and Ez's "no!" Haha!

  4. So sweet. and of course we get it on video before we step in to save them, haha! YOu're boys are too cute.