Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter Baskets & Other Eastery Goodness

Slowly but surely we've been adding little Easter touches around the house. Does anyone else feel like Easter snuck up on us this year? Maybe because it's in March instead of April. The Target dollar spot had all kinds of cute wooden signs and the bunny banner. I remember I used to head straight to the women's clothing section when I went to Target. Then I got pregnant and started bypassing that for the baby clothes. And now it's the dollar spot that gets me every time. It's just impossible to go to Target for necessities and not come away with a little something extra. I'd apologize to Joe, but he's usually in the men's clothing section while I'm in the dollar spot. 

The grandparents sent some Easter gifts, including that adorable Eeyore dressed as the Easter bunny (above), some window clings, and a fun bunny target. I created a little Easter reading corner for the boys, which lasted for precisely 2.5 minutes after Declan woke up from his nap. Nothing is safe from that boy. He has a fascination with transporting books all over the house using this weird scooting method, where he puts his hands on the book and slides forward until he's kind of planking, and then he crawls a few paces, and repeats. It's probably a great ab workout. Ez is very well-versed on Declan's destructiveness and any time I hand him something he immediately sets it up high and says, "put it where brother can't eat it." Good looking out, kid. 

I posted all these cute Easter craft ideas, and then true to form I never planned any of them out. Well, except for the bunny and carrot footprint (you can see it above that bunny target). That's really more a craft to humor mommy though because they both hate getting paint on their feet. Yesterday Ez asked to color so I did the easiest thing possible and cut some plain white paper into egg shapes and let him go at it with some paint. Technically I tried to be even lazier, and just gave him crayons and a Mickey Mouse Easter coloring book, but he insisted he wanted to color with the "other colors", whatever that means, and the paint seemed to satisfy him. 

And now onto the Easter baskets. I'm linking up with Whitney, Crystal, Chrissy, and lots of fun moms for an Easter basket reveal. I already posted my Easter basket inspiration about a month ago and I actually managed to stick pretty close to the plan. 

Here's what Declan is getting for his very first basket:  
// lamb // book // Easter rattle // bath toys //
I went with the dino theme for Ez:
// stuffed dino // book // dino monster truck // See's chocolates // Peeps bunny // coloring book // dino toys //
Ez has been really into dinosaurs lately, and he actually found that stuffed dino all on his own at Barnes & Noble after I had already found it online, so I'm really excited to give it to him on Easter. The little dino toys were from the dollar section at Toys R Us. And of course I had to go to See's for the chocolates, because they're the best. 

Our Easter plan is to do a mini plastic egg hunt around the house in the morning and then go to my parent's house for lunch and an outdoor egg hunt. We'll probably decorate eggs this Friday or Saturday. What do you and your family have planned this weekend? 


  1. My son is getting Zeg this Easter too and I love the dinosaur stuffed animal! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great basket finds! I love that adorable first Easter rattle for Declan. Such a cute item to commemorate his first Easter.

  3. Love all of your Easter decorations! You found some pretty great things for their baskets too. :)

  4. The dino stuff is definitely so cute! Love the target finds. I think I missed the dollar spot window with their Easter stuff, cant wait for the next stuff to replace it. Hopefully I'll get it early =)

  5. What awesome stuff. WIsh you could make an easter basket for me as well--- filled with stuff from the dollar spot--- gosh I miss that place!!

  6. So many cute things! They are going to love them!

  7. Wait a minute, Toys R Us has a dollar section?! Mindblown haha. Obviously we dont go there often. I love the colors of the boys basket goodies! Easter/Spring palettes are the greatest!

  8. So many cute things! I love Delcans' first basket and Ez's dino basket is too cute! We just watched The Good Dinosaur a few weeks ago ... I cried like a baby:) Lia was freaked out 20min in - she couldn't believe the little cave boy ate a bug!!!
    Hope you all have a Happy Easter

  9. Like Whitney said...dollar section at Toy's R Us?! What?! Love that you themed the baskets. I usually go overboard but decided less was more this year, each one got a toy that they wanted, a book and then some See's Candy.