Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

Happy Easter! I probably say this every year, but this Easter was the best ever. Ez was so into all the festive stuff, from painting the Easter bunny (aka, the eggs) to hunting them over and over and over until we eventually bribed him to stop with some chocolate covered Oreos and then told a little lie about how the Easter bunny collected all the eggs and took them back home with him. 

We painted eggs on Saturday and Ez was especially fond of throwing the eggs into the dye from about a foot away, which means lots of splatter all over my whitish sweater. Probably not the best color choice in hindsight. He got so excited seeing the eggs change colors though, so it was worth it. After two dozen eggs he wasn't ready to call it quits so we dyed them all again. Declan spent half the time sleeping and half the time practicing walking, apparently trying to get in egg hunting shape.

On Easter morning we hid half a dozen plastic eggs filled with candy around the house. The first one was right outside Ez's bedroom door, and when he opened it up and saw it he kept saying "oh wow! An egg!" The little egg trail led to their baskets, where Ez kept exclaiming oh wow! over and over. He hardly ever says wow so that alone made the whole day worthwhile. Declan immediately wanted everything in Ez's basket and was trying to chew threw the wrappers as soon as our backs were turned. Of course.

After brunch we headed over to my parent's house for more egg hunting and dinner. Since we don't really have much of a yard I told Ez the Easter bunny would hide the eggs we painted at the grandparent's house. The Bunny spoiled them big time with new outfits, more baskets, and treats. We ate lots of yummy food watched a little bit of The Good Dinosaur and, of course, hunted for eggs. It was all great until the sugar crash hit big time and we called it a night. You know it was a good time when the next day I tell Ez we need to go to the store and he says "No. We need to go to Grampa's!"

If you made it this far, congrats! That was a lot of pictures to scroll through. Now that Easter is over there's a little lull in holidays, but that's ok because that means birthday season has officially begun over here. Ez's is in May, Declan in June, and Joe and I in July. Whew. 

Hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend as well! In case you don't feel like I documented the day enough, I'm going to leave you with a short video, which is sadly all of Ez because I had a major mom fail moment and only recorded Declan in that super fast timelapse mode. Sad face. Sorry Dec!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Looks the ez had the very best time!!

  2. Love the idea of dying eggs outside and in zip locks!!!

  3. Dying the eggs in zip locks is genius! Oh and the Easter Bunny took the eggs back?! Also genius! We are getting tired of re-hiding the eggs over here :)
    Looks like a fun Easter!

  4. haha oh wow, love it. I love when Aria says funny exclamations. Her oh goodness is particularly cute. And what the hey...eggs in baggies, that is a great damn idea! So fun that you did it outside. I guess easier to clean up.