Thursday, June 30, 2016

Declan's Birthday Party

Declan's birthday party was at Grandma's house on Sunday, the day after his birthday. Lot of friends and family showed up to shower him with love, attention, and gifts. In true procrastinator's fashion, we put the guests to work decorating and setting out food as soon as they got there. My mom grilled lots of food, there were margaritas for the adults, and the kids swiped as many sugar cookies as they could get their hands on (I'm looking at you, Ez). It was a very low fuss day and Declan seemed to go back and forth between loving being the center of attention and hating it. One thing he did not waver on was his disdain for cake. He smashed his hands right into the frosting, took one lick, and promptly started screaming and gagging. It was a complete 180 from Ez's cake smash, when I turned around to get some paper towels, turned back, and the cake was gone and Ez was licking his lips and smiling. After the disappointing cake smash, we let Declan loose on his mountain of presents, which he preferred climbing to opening. He was so spoiled with so many great toys and clothes, A big thank you to everyone that came out, helped out, and made his day so special. And an even bigger thank you to Gangy who went above and beyond making sure his day was just right. We love you!


  1. Awww, so sweet, what a great day celebrating with family and friends.

  2. What kid doesn't like frosting at the very least? Did you try any other forms of sweets? Maybe he is just an ice cream birthday kind of kid. Chris prefers ice cream cake to real cake.
    Love that you put the guests to work, I should try that next time. I'm almost always not dressed when people arrive. Damn those early arrivers.