Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer 2016

Happy 1st day of Summer!! 

Summer gets me excited for a few reasons: long days, water activities, ice cream, and mine, Joe, and now Declan's birthdays. The downside is the heat, which makes me want to camp out in front of the a/c from 11-5. Supposedly last year was uncharacteristically hot for the bay area, so fingers crossed we get a more mild Summer this year. Either way, we've got lots of exciting things planned. In less than a week my babiest baby is going to be one whole year old! In so many ways Declan seems like he's already older than one, but he's also my baby and it's crazy to wrap my head around the fact that it's been a full year since I first held him in my arms. I still remember waking up with labor pains like it was yesterday. But I'll save all this sentimentality for its own post. The other exciting thing we've got planned for the end of summer is our wedding. Lots of progress has been made in the past few days, and as I was trying on dresses and the sales lady was telling me that many people book all their vendors a full year in advance, and a lot of dresses would take four months just to order, not including alterations which take another six weeks, I suddenly had a mini panic attack and realized just how close the big day is. Then I got on the phone bright and early this morning and booked everything up. Whew. Since we're beginning and ending the summer with these big events, I'm aiming to keep the rest of our summer goals pretty simple and lazy, just the way summer should be. 

What's on your agenda this summer? Any big family vacations in the works?


  1. Get married! Snuck that one in there? Or did I miss any wedding details on the ol' blog? AND kid free dates, my goodness. Living large this summer!

  2. Ummm get married?! This is going to be an awesome summer!

  3. How is the wedding planning going!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

  4. What a perfect summer you have planned! Yay for a wedding. I can't wait to hear all about it!