Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Disney Birthday Week, Day 5

On our last day at Disney we stayed just long enough for a post birthday brunch with all our favorite characters followed by a long drive home. 

Brunch was at the Paradise Pier hotel and Ez was so excited to greet the characters as they came by the table. It was a total 180 from last year when he wanted nothing to do with them. He even shyly shared his brand new monster truck with Mickey, an honor that Declan rarely (i.e.- never) gets. 

Declan, on the other hand, was ready to fight every character that came his way. I'm pretty sure he threw some punches at Stitch. The only way we got any cute pictures of him with Minnie and Stitch was that they snuck up behind him and he was smiling at himself in the camera for a few shots before he noticed them. 

Stitch definitely went above and beyond all the other characters. Not only did he lead a dance party, but he got down on the ground to play cars with Ez and he even helped Ez blow out his birthday candle. Then he tried to steal the cupcake. Can't say I blame him.

After filling up on chilaquiles and waffles we hit the road, with Ez in our car and Declan with the grandparents. Both Ez and Declan did surprisingly well for being crammed in their car seats for 6+ hours. Ez still thinks we're going back to Disneyland about half the time we get in the car, and explaining that we're actually going somewhere far less exciting, like Target, has led to a few meltdowns. I'll just take that as a sign that it was a perfect and completely memorable birthday week for him. Now that I'm officially done recapping our trip, I think it's about time to plan the next one ;)


  1. Love the video! What a great birthday week. Can I be your kid during my next birthday week? :))

  2. Joe's mama was there too? I think I missed that before.
    Stitch sounds great! I love when they go above and beyond.

  3. Oh so sad the Disney recaps are done, its definitely time to plan the next trip ;)