Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: 9 DIY Projects

Three days! THREE!!! I'm not sure if this is normal or not but I had a nightmare that everything that could go wrong did. We're talking lost rings, lost license, super duper late getting ready, sicknesses, and on and on. And as beautiful as our venue is, I'm questioning the wisdom of getting married on a cliffside when a certain one year old ring bearer likes to break free and take off running every chance he gets. So there's a little glimpse into the neurotic landscape of my mind lately.

That being said my to do list has actually dwindled significantly and aside from packing (a bajillion things) we're pretty much set for the big day. I'm just constantly reminding myself that we'll be surrounded by loved ones and if things go a little crazy no one will mind (I hope).

When it comes to DIY projects I kept things to a minimum. The florist is taking care of centerpieces, the self serve candy buffet will take care of favors, and that just left a few personal touches to add to the guest sign in table. Here's what I came up with:

1. Wooden initials decoration. This was just me grabbing a bunch of clearance stuff at Michaels, getting home, and saying what the heck am I gonna do with this??? Solution: superglue it all together and call it a day.

2. Love collage frame. I already had this frame (also from Michaels) so I picked up those metal love letters (magnets) and printed out some new photos to tell mine and Joe's love story. Every time I see it hanging on the wall I smile.

3. Ring box. I saw something similar on Pinterest and immediately wanted my own personalized version. Plus I think a box is a better idea for toddlers than a pillow. I got the box and wooden heart at (where else?) Michaels. I painted the heart white, wrote our names on it using a metallic gold marker, and super glued it to the box. I couldn't find the right size pillow so I put my novice sewing skills to use and we'll just call the results rustic and leave it at that ;)

4. Cards box. Wooden box from Michaels, ribbon, clothes pins, card stock, and white letter stickers = a super simple card box. Thankfully rustic is in right now.

5. Seating chart. I saw lots of beautiful printable seating charts on Etsy, but that would've required having everything planned out weeks ago, and we didn't, so this was a mandatory DIY. Instead of table numbers we used the street names of all the places we've lived together (6 in 5 years) as well as the streets each of us were living at when we were born. I used a frame we already own and hand wrote everything on gold-framed card stock.

6. Here comes the bride sign. This plain white heart already had string attached for hanging on a wall, so I cut that and tied on longer white ribbon instead and painted Daddy here comes our girl. This was a 5 minute $5 project and Declan will look adorable carrying this down the aisle. If he doesn't rip it off and throw it at our guests instead. That's a big if. And if you happen to be the guest that gets pelted with a wooden heart, sorry! We love you!

7. Guest sign in book. I already mentioned that I made our book on Shutterfly using our engagement photos. Here's a little sneak preview:

8. Advice cards & chalkboard. I mentioned that I really loved these advice cards but couldn't find them anywhere so I made my own. I also ordered these mini envelopes and made a little chalkboard sign so people would know where to return them after filling them out.

9. Candy bags with tags. These aren't really DIY per say, but I did tie all these super cute tags to our personalized bags, which was surprisingly time consuming, so we'll call it pseudo-DIY. 

Other than a few last minute projects (that may or may not get done) that's pretty much it in the DIY department for me. What kind of DIY projects did you do for your wedding? I always love hearing what kind of favors people give out. There's so many creative options out there, but we're sticking with the tried and true candy. 

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  1. TWO DAYS!!! Im so excited for you!! Are you guys taking a honeymoon? I love all your homemade details but the initial sign is seriously AMAZING!! Cant wait to see wedding pictures!!!