Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Weekend in Tahoe

Ten days till the big day!! I've got people messaging me about when they get here next week and I'm like, "next week?? that can't be right..." I'm so excited, not too stressed, but still in a bit of disbelief that the big day is right around the corner. 

I really wanted a low key girls' getaway for my bachelorette party, not so much as a last hurrah before we tie the knot, because we're already basically married anyway, but because I haven't had a single girls weekend since I became a parent. I was way overdue and this happened to be the perfect reason. 

It was a great weekend spent with my oldest and dearest friends and my mom. Well, not old, just the longest lasting friendships ;) We dipped our toes in the lake, got a contact high from the reggae festival which we happened to be staying right next to, won some money, lost some money, ate plenty of yummy food and drinks, and did some shopping. My mom forced me to wear my wifey sash and a bride headband, which was awkward because I don't like being the center of attention and people kept stopping me to either say congrats (the girls) or "don't do it!" (the guys). I kept forgetting about the sash and wondering why all these people were talking to me. But as my mom pointed out, she's only been planning this day for 33 years, so I kept the sash and headband on for her. It was lowkey fun and as we stayed up late noticing everyone around us getting drunker and drunker I was definitely ok with lowkey.

We happened to see three brides within an hour of being there, so I'll take that as a good sign. We even saw one couple's sweet first look and the groom looked so happy and emotional, it was really touching to see and made me even more excited for our wedding. 

Meanwhile, back at the grandparents' house, Grampa and the uncles did an amazing job holding down the fort, even with a feverish teething baby who threw up (again). This is right after Grampa and the uncles just got over their Declan stomach flus, so I'm sure they were having PTSD flashbacks, but they did such a great job taking care of the boys in less than ideal circumstances. A million thanks Grampa and uncles! Thanks to my friends for coming along and adding to our already long list of lifetime memories. And a million more thanks to my mom - your 33 years of planning has paid off and I couldn't ask for a better wedding. 


  1. How fun! I love Tahoe! I can't believe it's 10 days away! Yay! Low key is definitely the way to go.

  2. wow 10 days, yikes! I really hate being the center of attention, I was quivering with just our closest friends and fam around at the court house. Never again!! A girls weekend however is the right idea. I will take one of those any ol' day. AFter I'm not pregnant because I want a drink.

  3. 10 days!! Oh my gosh! Looks like such a fun weekend. Your Mom is so sweet. 33 years of planning :) that headband is amazing. I'd probably make you wear it too haha

  4. Looks like the perfect weekend with your girls. I hope you had the best time. You will be a married woman so soon!!