Thursday, August 11, 2016

Declan's 1st Haircut

This past weekend we checked off a pretty big milestone: Declan's first haircut. His hair had reached full on mullet status with some pretty gnarly sideburns. If anyone could pull off that crazy hairstyle it's Deckles, but it finally got a little too crazy. Especially since mommy barely even likes to brush it, let alone style it. So to the barbershop we went.
prehaircut, in all its wild glory
I did the whole kid's barbershop experience for Ez, where he got to sit in a Lightning McQueen car and pick out a toy afterward, and you know what? He hated it. He still hates having his haircut. So in true second child fashion we skipped all that and Grampa took him to Great Clips instead. Grampa is our secret weapon when it comes to haircuts and he has the highest success rate of getting Ez's haircut with no injuries for anyone involved. No small feat, trust me.

Here they are, precut:

So far, so good...

Oh wait, is she spraying water on my head??? Uh uh. NO.

Are you seeing this?? Call social services immediately. 

A sucker?? You think you can bribe me with a sucker???



At least big bro prepared us for this moment. Not sure why they hate haircuts so, but fingers crossed Declan grows out of it sooner than Ez. And can we just take a moment and talk about how this kid grew like six months in ten minutes? I kinda miss my baby with the three inch sideburns. This new older kid is pretty cute too though. Also, immediately after his haircut he took his climbing skills to new heights and climbed onto the kitchen table. Clearly he actually did grow and it's not just in my head.


  1. He's ready for high school now!! Verdict is in no haircuts ever for my kids. Too aging!!

  2. Aww...the haircut looks great! He looks like such a big boy now!

  3. oh goodness that first hair cut really does pull at the heart strings! So adorable!

  4. First haircuts are such big deals! He totally grew right before out eyes, what a cutie.

  5. Oh geez, poor baby...and poor mommy! I hope you had a giant glass of wine when you got home! ;) If it makes you feel any better, Mac did the same thing for the first five haircuts (at least). He still gets a little cranky and teary every time.

  6. Aww, bless his little heart! But, suckers make everything better! He looks so big.