Monday, August 1, 2016

July by the Numbers

I know I say this every month but July was a busy one! If I had to sum July up in a few words I'd choose cake, outdoors, vehicles, and wedding planning. We concluded our three month streak of birthdays, which means no more cake till next May. Each boy had their fair share of firsts this month, and it was so fun sharing in their excitement as they experienced new things. Despite my preoccupation with wedding planning we managed to cram in a lot of summer activities and build some family memories that I know will last a lifetime for Joe and I. Ez and Declan will just have to rely on photos and this blog for their memories, although Ez's 3 year old memory is getting surprisingly sharp. Here's a little recap of what we've been up to the past 31 days, all in numbers, of course:

71 facts shared about Joe and I in honor of our...
2 birthdays where...
3 cakes were consumed and...
1 disappointed boy learned not all birthday presents are for him.
2 (super hot) trips to the fair for...
1 vehicle obsessed boy to see dirt bikes and monster trucks
4ish hours driving to the lake for our bday getaway where...
2 little fish spent...
3 hours in the water followed by...
3 more hours napping. 
1 little boy had his 1st movie theater experience.
1 other little boy had his 1st fireworks experience.
2 parents got to enjoy a kid free night thanks to the grandparents.
6,432 hours spent scouring Pinterest and etsy for wedding related stuff.
25 tiny buttons on my dress - eek!!
31 salads consumed (to make sure wedding dress fits on the big day, and to balance out the cake).
5 items crossed off our Summer bucket list

As we officially enter the dog days of summer I'm wishing you all slow, lazy mornings, afternoons spent splashing and swimming, evenings filled with the ones you love, and probably a good dose of extra baths if your kids are as in love with rolling around in the dirt as mine are. Happy August!


  1. It most definitely was a busy month for you guys! Can't wait to see what August has in store. Love all of the photos! Happy Monday, friend!

  2. Our summer vacation ends in 2 days, sigh. Though its nice to be able to live vicariously through others still enjoying it :)

  3. Busy is right! In love when 3 hrs of swimming turns into 3 hrs of napping! And that is great you got a date night away from the kids!