Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Mint & Peach Inspiration

There are only 5 more Wednesdays between now and our wedding - yikes! - so I figured if I wanted to share any wedding details, it's now or never. Wedding Wednesday has a nice ring to it, so you know what to expect for the next few Wednesdays around here ;)

I never really dreamed about being a bride as a kid. Not that I remember, anyway. I don't like being the center of attention, I'm not great at event planning, and keeping track of tons of minute details makes my brain hurt, so I'm probably not the ideal bride. However, I'm my mom's only daughter, and she would be devastated if we just up and eloped, and after giving it lots of thought I couldn't say for certain that I wouldn't regret not having a ceremony and sharing it with family and friends, so for a long time wedding plans just stayed in limbo. My mom got the ball rolling when she so kindly offered financial assistance, so we toured exactly two places before I fell in love with the cliffside ceremony spot we chose. Also, I'm a big fan of how much planning our wedding coordinators are taking care of. That being said, there are still lots of details that we have to decide for ourselves. Enter: Pinterest. How did people plan anything before Pinterest? 

I started with cakes. Of course. I know for sure I hate fondant, so that was out. A quick search for buttercream wedding cakes led me to that peach/pink/mint beauty up above, and that pretty much set the tone for everything else. If I had to guess before I started looking I would not have thought I'd love peach and pink this much. I thought I'd be more of a dark red kind of girl. But I saw it, and I loved it, and to streamline the whole decision making process my rule of thumb is to go with the first thing I love without second guessing and exploring a million more options. The nice thing about not having that childhood dream wedding is that there are no expectations to live up to and I wasn't searching for one specific thing that had to be just right.  

After cakes I moved onto bouquets and found that I really loved the addition of succulents. It's a little bit rustic and unexpected but still very elegant looking. I also loved the simplicity of that table up there, and even though my coordinator seems to think there won't be enough color, I'm a fan of muted light colors with little pops of brightness. I think it will make the wedding photos more timeless and classic. 

So there you have it! A first glimpse into our wedding. Funny how it seemed so far away and like there wasn't much to do and now I've got 8 different wedding related checklists on my phone that I'm working on daily, and as soon as I check something off I remember three more things I need to add. 

A few questions for other brides:
  • Did you have a set vision for how you wanted your wedding to go, and did it pan out?
  • How did you stay organized? I'm sure there must be a better way, but I feel like I'm pretty entrenched in my organized chaos, it might be too much effort to switch now. 
  • I'm also curious what kind of last minute craziness to expect? Were there any kinks on the big day? I know it's impossible to plan for everything, but it'd be nice to have a little idea of what other brides went through.


  1. The images are beautiful! And five weeks away?! Wowza

  2. ooh the cake! Love it! Chris and I went down to city hall or whatever it is called lol. I almost went grey thinking about planning. Not even planning. I'm like this sucks nope. I hate being the center of attention.

  3. Love the wedding inspiration! So beautiful! I don't know how i planned my wedding without Pinterest! It would have been so fun to use it while planning! I don't remember any unexpected chaos! I remember I did not want a veil and then the day of the rehearsal I suddenly wanted my bridesmaid brought hers but then I decided to go against it at the last minute! haha!

  4. I wasn’t one that really dreamed of a wedding, either! I am just like you and do not like being center of attention. For me, my wedding was just a stepping stone until I got to be married to my best friend! I mean, did I enjoy our wedding day? With every fiber of my being! I just had to work up the courage to be the center of attention! So friend, with that being said, enjoy every single moment of your special day. It goes by so fast! I love the peach & mint combo…so beautiful! I am swooning over the cake, the bouquet and the mason jars!! I didn’t have Pinterest when I planned my wedding! I am sure it would be 100% different if Pinterest had been around!