Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Bucket List: Splash Pad

It's just not summer without a few splash pad visits. One thing I love about San Jose is that the downtown area has a small park that they always update with fun seasonal activities. They had dozens of decorated Christmas trees and decorations, as well as hot chocolate and photo opportunities with Santa's reindeer at Christmas time, pumpkins and spooky decorations at Halloween, and for summer they turn on the water and bring out all kinds of giant sized games: Jenga, Connect 4, bean bag tosses, and there's even hammocks - you know, for those people who aren't busy chasing toddlers around ;)

This isn't really a traditional splash pad because it's not attached to a playground and those blasts of water are pretty strong. I think if Declan would've been brave enough to step directly on top of one he would've shot straight up in the air. Both kiddos were pretty cautious at first, but after five minutes Ez was sticking his whole head directly into the water while Declan watched him, gleefully stomping his feet and clapping his hands, cheering big bro on. He was more content to stand a good two feet back from the water, or run around weaving in and out of the fountains. 

After we were good and soaked we moved on to the games and some airplane spotting before hitting up Starbucks and taking the train back home where both boys promptly passed out in their stroller. One of the best perks of summer has to be the good napping that all these activities lead to. I've still got a few more splash pads we intend to explore before the season's up, but for now we'll go ahead and cross this off our list. Are splash pads a thing in your area? I know a lot of California ones are shut down because of the drought so I was very happy to find a few that are still open.

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Crazy that we're already halfway through our bucket list!


  1. Wow! This place is amazing! My kids would flip over those massive sprays! I can picture Mimmy laying on them and shooting up in the air! And the whole place is so cool with the rainbow chairs and games! I want to go here!

  2. You find the neatest local activities!! I love those giant lawn games, wish I was handy enough to make my own.

  3. oh the giant jenga! How fun is that! What a neat area for kids. We don't have splash pads. I'm baffled. We have far away ones. Lame.