Friday, July 22, 2016

Monster Trucks at the Fair

Last week I had to go to Modesto for my first dress fitting so on a whim I decided to check out the Stanislaus County Fair's schedule and.....they had monster trucks!! This falls in the category of things I could care less about before I had boys, but now I'm basically a monster truck groupie. I can name all the monster jam trucks and drivers, and of course we own most of the toys. So I made it my mission this year to take Ez to see some monster trucks and I was so disappointed that it just didn't work out with our schedules. The point of all my rambling is that I was so excited to have this opportunity to take Ez and I couldn't wait to see his face when he saw these trucks in person. Annnnd...
...this is what I got:

Not quite the excitement I was looking for. Especially after his excitement at the motocross event we went to. I think the noise and the long setup between each truck's run made it less than ideal for a three year old. Even the most avid monster truck loving three year old. 

However, as soon as the show was over he kept exclaiming excitedly that we saw monster trucks while making really loud revving sounds and flying his toy trucks through the air. Maybe he loved it so much he couldn't even process it all? We wandered around the fair for a bit, getting a milk shake for Ez and a beer for the rest of us. All of a sudden Ez remembered that we'd promised him a monster truck before the show started. When did his memory get so good??

So back to the monster truck arena we went so that Grampa and Ez could ride not just any monster truck, but a fire truck monster truck. When you're three, that's basically the pinnacle of all trucks. Nothing will ever top that. Here's his face during the ride:

Now that's the face I was looking for. We probably could've skipped the show and just done the ride. Mental note for next year. Also, I can't get over how tiny Ez looks next to that tire:

Ez, I hope you realize just how much you're loved. Three people who don't care about trucks and can't stand the heat rallied together to spend the day in 102 degree weather just so we could witness your first time seeing a monster truck in person. And it was so worth it. 

Can you spot Ez & Grampa?

Clearly embarrassed to be getting kisses from mom in front of his monster truck idols:

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  1. lol. That's Aria's face when we met Princesses. Blank. But then afterwards was like BEST EVER OMG WOOO. I'm said nothing and wouldn't respond to any questions and barely looked at her. Must be the overwhelming kind of excitment ha.