Monday, July 18, 2016

33 Facts About Me on My 33rd Birthday

Today's my birthday!! In honor of my birthday I'm sharing random facts about myself and since Joe's birthday is in two days he has also agreed to share some random facts about himself. Stay tuned for that on Wednesday. All year long I've thought I was already 33 and would turn 34 this year, so it's kinda like I'm getting back a whole year. Bonus random fact: math is not one of my strengths. So here you go, 33 more facts:
  1. I have six siblings.
  2. I'm the oldest, the youngest, the middle, and an only child depending on which combination of parents/siblings we're talking about. Confusing, I know!
  3. I've had cats my entire life except the first two years of college and the past three years. 
  4. My first car was a $500 Geo Prism that leaked mystery fluid on my foot. Very glamorous, but I loved it anyway.
  5. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food.
  6. And Mexican food is my favorite food in general.
  7. I once went on a date with a guy who was 7 feet tall. 
  8. I got my bachelors degree in English from UC Irvine.
  9. I use a UCLA ID for student discounts though because I like the picture better. (I took a summer course there.)
  10. My middle name is Genise, which was my grandma's maiden name. 
  11. The Bush station on Pandora is my current fave - 90s grunge all the way. 
  12. I had a Blink 182 poster on my wall during high school. 
  13. Modesto (the town I'm from) is the inspiration for the movie American Graffiti and I spent the summer I turned 16 cruising pretty much every night with my two best friends in a pink Geo Tracker while listening to Lit's A Place in the Sun.
  14. I hate when my nails are long.
  15. Sometimes I bite my nails.
  16. Jeremy Renner and Timothy Olyphant went to my high school (not at the same time as me.)
  17. I hate doing dishes.
  18. My skin is allergic to cheap metal. Even the buttons on some brands of jeans will make me break out in a rash.
  19. I've never played any sports other than the bare minimum required in PE and I'm not very coordinated or graceful (slight understatement).
  20. I haven't eaten meat since December 2006 when I had steak on a Hawaiian dinner cruise. After that I became pescatarian.
  21. I tried being vegan but I felt tired all the time.
  22. I was engaged once before.
  23. I love historical fiction.
  24. I was obsessed with the Babysitters Club in elementary school.
  25. My favorite book is Jane Eyre.
  26. My favorite book as a kid was The Secret Garden.
  27. My favorite movies are Anne of Green Gables, When Harry Met Sally, and How to Make an American Quilt 
  28. My go to Starbucks drink is a venti iced green tea, unsweetened, extra ice.
  29. I don't know how to drive a stick shift. 
  30. My cake of choice is white cake with white buttercream and raspberry filling - which will be the middle tier of our soon to be wedding cake! 
  31. Neil Patrick Harris once opened a door for me.
  32. I have to be pretty desperate to drink hot coffee. Iced is where it's at!
  33. When I was younger I said if I had two boys I'd definitely try again for a girl. Now I have two boys and...I'm good with two ;)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wow, 6 siblings! That is a whole lot of family! I am the same way, long nails just get in the way. Hope you have a good one!

  2. Happy birthday! And I'm doing the same thing with my age, always have to do the math to figure out how old I am! And I used to love long nails, but now can't stand them. Baby Sitters Club! Woo hoo. And UC Irvine is just down the street from me!

  3. Happy Birthday, Nina!!! So many of these are a yes! I loved the BSC books and because Stacey was a diabetic I was able to identify it in my brother when he was 2 (reading is knowledge lol) I love Jane Eyre (did you ever read the reimagined Wide Sargasso Sea? So good!) And CAKE, yum!

  4. Adoring that picture!!!! Also, finally, someone older than me ;) ... even if it is just by a few months. Also, Baby Sitters Club super fan over here! I drove a pea soup colored Geo Tracker. I totally lol'd at that little fact. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday yay!! That was fun. um Neil Patrick Harris once opened a door for me. lol. That just made me laugh for some reason. And love Renner. Had no idea who the other guy was until I googggggled him, then I recognized him.
    I thought I was turning 30 when I turned 29, then when I turned 30 I thought I was turning 29. Like, come on. I'm fairly certain I'm 30 right now...yeah yeah 30. So maybe I'll remember 31 comes next.