Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Bucket List: Motocross at the Fair

4th of July weekend was the last weekend the fair was in town, and I really wanted to take Ez to see motocross. So on Saturday we braved hotter than desirable temps and a huge line of cars just to park and spent a few hours at the fair. We started off with some kiddie rides, which Ez seemed lukewarm about while he was riding them, but afterward he kept exclaiming over and over again how fun it was. Next we got ourselves some fruit and Mexican food for lunch, then we let Declan loose so he could run off some energy. We came across a firetruck, which both boys enjoyed sitting in, despite their less than enthusiastic photos. We pet some pigs in the livestock area, and Declan stared down a sheep that was following him, pretty much ready to fight if the sheep got one step closer. He did not appreciate being snuck up on. 

Then it was time for the big surprise...dirt bikes! As soon as the first dirt bike rode out Ez was completely transfixed and mesmerized. In all my years of going to county fairs I never even knew they had motocross, but since Ez loves it we went. Watching his face light up was completely worth it. He was screaming and pointing and bouncing up and down with uncontainable excitement. Even Declan got into it, clapping when everyone else would cheer and pointing at the dirt bikes. The show was only about 15 minutes long, but it made quite an impression on Ez who has woken up every morning since asking "Did we see dirt bikes?? Did they do back flips?? I want to go see dirt bikes again!!" It's going to be hard to top that this summer.

And here's a little update on our Summer Bucket List so far.
motocross, Declan's 1st Birthday


  1. What a fun little outing!!! I love how captivated Ez is in the second pic!

  2. What an awesome fair! Looks like everyone had fun!

  3. lol Joe's face might be my fave in these shots.