Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Bucket List: Ez's 1st Movie Theater Experience

Ez is just getting to an age where his attention span is (sometimes) long enough to sit still through a whole movie at the theater, and Joe and I were so excited to take him for the first time. The only thing we were waiting for was the perfect movie that he would actually enjoy. If it's not focused on cars, planes, trains, or basically some kind of vehicle, chances are he couldn't care less about it. The one and only exception is Finding Nemo. I've tried forcing him to watch many animated movies: Lion King, American Tale (my fave!), Big Hero 6, Frozen, Little Mermaid...all with no luck. Finding Nemo happened to be on TV one day, and he loved it. In recent weeks he's actually requested it over Monster Jam and Cars, which is a really big deal. So when Finding Dory came out we knew we had to take him. 

We left Declan with my parents and took Ez on a little solo date, just the three of us. I don't think he's had any quality solo parent time since Declan was born, so that alone was a real treat for him. I also picked up a little Dory stuffed fish to surprise him with, and we got M&Ms for our theater treat. The only seats left were in the front row, but they reclined and we had the whole row to ourselves, so it actually worked out well. Ez spent a good portion of the movie in his seat, then about halfway through he switched back and forth between snuggling with Daddy and snuggling with me. 

I was a little concerned that he'd be asking to watch Dory everyday, but so far he seems to content to just carry his Dory and Nemo toys around reenacting the movie. We hear lots of "I'm coming for you, Nemo!" or "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." And, my personal fave: "Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!" 

Anyone see Secret Life of Pets already? How did your kiddos like it?

Here's a little update on our Summer Bucket List, which we're actually moving through pretty quickly:
motocross, Declan's birthday, Ez's 1st movie


  1. We saw Dory 2 weekends ago and it was super cute. Rosie was my fav. ha! I find the key to a successful movie is arriving at least half way into the previews and taking a trip to the dollar store beforehand to stock up on snacks in addition to a movie theater popcorn. I mean, honestly, I get bored without plenty of munchies, so why wouldn't a three year old with a far less attention span? ha!

  2. Perfect movie for his first experience!

  3. aww! Glad he did well for his first. Dory was super cute. WE also liked Secret Life or Pets, and had to sit in the dang first row. Ours didn't recline so that was lame. We didn't realize it would be so packed on a friday morning. Go away ppl